My Health & Fitness Journey

I have never really had to work very hard to maintain my weight, I was naturally small throughout my childhood, and even after leaving school. I had never even stepped foot in a gym before. In fact the thought of ever going to a gym seemed ridiculous to me. I took it for granted that I would always be a certain shape and size, but of course life has a funny way of changing you.

Back in 2014 I was at the point where I could no longer deny my lifestyle. 
My lifestyle was making me fat.
It was making me un-happy and self conscious in absolutely everything I wore. 

My daily routine of binge eating chocolate, consuming more Coca Cola a week than I would ever care to admit, and enjoying far to many box-sets on Netflix was expanding my waist line to the point where I was feeling miserable inside...and out.

I decided that something had to be done. 

On Tuesday 10th of June 2014 my fitness journey began. I have shared my journey from the get go and today I have lost 2 stone, joined the gym, completed Kayla Itsines first Bikini Body Guide and continued on with the second. I have completely and absolutely redesigned my lifestyle.

It is now sustainable, clean and realistic. 

I am sharing my story of weightloss, toning up and clean eating to show that you can do it, you just have to want it enough. There is no quick fix or magic pill, but if you are willing to work for it, it's completely within reach. 

I hope you enjoy my journey, and if you have any questions or just want a chat, please feel free to get in touch.

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