All about Leo

How do I sum up that beautiful boy of mine?

To describe Leo, you have to visualise the brightest Star in the Sky.
You have to imagine the deepest blue eyes,
and the heartiest of laughs.

To describe Leo, you have to think of mischief and mayhem.
He is fast like lightening, and he will strike the same tree twice.
If you blink, he will be on the way to find his next destruction darby.
Mess seems to follow him from room to room,
books fly from the bookcase, films off the shelf.
Trouble is second nature and he pulls his stunts off in record time.
His Halo never slips, and he continues to shine so bright.

To describe Leo, you have to think outside the box.
He is cheeky and like a Lion, he will prowl.
He has the most gorgeous smile and mop of dark hair.
He is care free and innocent.

He is My beautiful baby boy.

So now you know all about the darling boy,
who inspired his Mummy to write a Blog all about him.
It is easy to see why, isn't it!

He is the love of my life.
Leo - June 27th 2011