Early Pregnancy - First Trimester

I have been pregnant Three times in my life, my first pregnancy gave me my beautiful Leo. This was around the time I started blogging, just after his birth back in 2011, so I missed the majority of the pregnancy posts I could have shared...My second pregnany resulted in an early miscarriage and I am now documenting my Third pregnancy and hoping for a happy ending.

Nugget's Pregnancy

Rainbow Pregnancy after miscarriage

Surprise! We're having a rainbow baby! 

 We're pregnant after a miscarriage

Babyface4d early scan review

Pregnancy update - Weeks 4-8

10 weeks pregnant

11 weeks pregnant - High NT (Nuchal Translucancy)

The 11 week Fetal Medicine Unit Appointment

The 12 week Fetal Medicine Appointment

13 weeks pregnant & Harmony Test Results (NIPT)
 14 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant 

16 weeks pregnant

The 16+6 gender scan that ended in tears

A second opinion: Chromosomal Disorder? 

Suspected Chromosomal Anomaly: Keeping Hope

17 weeks pregnant 

The 18 week Amniocentisis 

18 weeks pregnant: Echocariogram & First Amniocentisis Results

19 weeks pregnant: Low amniotic fluid 

The 20 week scan & FULL amniocentisis results

Leo's Pregnancy

Water Birth - Birthing Pool

Pop's Pregnancy

Missed Miscarriage - Ultrasound Scan

In June 2019 I was delighted to discover that I was FINALLY pregnant again. Sadly at 8 weeks I miscarried naturally at home. I had been forewarned that this was likely to happen, and in hind sight it was better to know it could happen, so when I did start bleeding it wasn't a huge surprise. 

I did write these weekly pregnancy posts in the 8 weeks that I was pregnant for:

First Trimester: We’re Pregnant!

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