Monday 17 June 2019

First Trimester: 2 Weeks After Conception - Pregnancy Update

Clear Blue Digita Positivel Pregnancy Test 2-3 week Pregnant

At 2 weeks after conception the DNA from both the Mother & Father has formed a new cell called a Zygote. The zygote continues to divide and eventually forms a solid mass of cells that is known as a Morula. The Morula doubles in cells every 12 hours and will soon evolve into a blastocyst. 

It's been about 2 weeks since conception and I have known for just over a week that there is a rather significant change going on in my body. A new life is growing from teeny tiny cells, but at this stage I don't really know a lot. 

I find it all mind boggling. Isn’t pregnancy just amazing and really...really weird!?

How do I feel?

I’m feeling pretty good, well brilliant really. 

As I write this I do have a feeling of restlessness, I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I feel like I need to be busy. I feel like my heart is beating really fast and I guess you could say it’s anxiety?

I have my booking in appointment with the midwife this afternoon, and I don’t know if I’m feeling this way because of that? I guess it’s all just sinking in still, and I just want to fast forward to next Friday when I have my early scan so that I know Pop’s is exactly where he/she is supposed to be.

I keep thinking about the possibility that I could have an ectopic pregnancy, I have no reason to assume this is the case, no pain, no symptoms, but my mind is just constantly pondering the ‘what if’s’. Which is weird for me as I’m normally a very positive person. 

It’s been 8 years since I was pregnant with Leo, and 8 years is a long old time. I feel like I am pregnant for the first time, over analysing absolutely everything, wondering if it’s a symptom of pregnancy, or if it’s just something I’m feeling generally. 

I ran out of pregnancy tests today, I’ve been using those internet cheapies religiously. The line is getting darker by the day, and this morning the test line popped right up before the control line even had chance to materialise, but yet I still doubt the fact that I’m pregnant, yet I know I am, that I have to be.

Is denial a sign of early pregnancy!? 

One Step Positive Pregnancy Tests - Line Progression

Towards the end of last week I used my last Clear Blue Digital Test, it eventually flashed up as 2-3 weeks pregnant, and I’m pretty certain. That if I was to get some more and do one over the coming days... it would hit the magical 3+.

Luke thinks I’ve lost the plot, I literally did 2/3 tests with Leo, but this time I’m an unstoppable force. 

In other news symptom wise, my boobs are sore, sometimes they feel more sore than others and I find myself nudging them just to see if they are still sore. 

At this stage I can say that my boobs have started to get that little bit more tender. Giving Luke a hug and him squeezing slightly to tightly can make them uncomfortable. Although i do remember them being super sore when I was pregnant with Leo.

I’ve been sleepy at times, last Saturday for instance we went to a local farm open day, and when I got back I napped for an hour. 

I am wondering if this is the start of the pregnancy extreme fatigue!

I’ve been waking early in the mornings, I just can’t stay in bed. Today I got up at 6am, and it’s usually pretty standard for me to snooze every alarm up until 7am.

This weekend I spent all of Saturday feeling super sleepy, I’ve been waking up at around 6ish most mornings for the last week. I’m sure that has to be linked to early pregnancy. The positive to this is I’ve been able to clean the whole house before the school run!

So far I think my symptoms have been pretty low on the pregnancy symptom scale. I’m wondering if it will step up a notch in the coming weeks...

Early Pregnancy - 2 weeks post conception

Achey boobs, fatigue on occasion but not as I remember it, slightly queasy every now and then, but seems to go just as fast, and no sign of actual sickness at this stage! 
I am still waking multiple times in night for a pee and know its only going to get worse!

No sign just yet, I wonder when it will materialise? I need to start taking some ‘bump shots’, you could almost call it a backwards transformation photo haha!

I’ve been continuing my attempt to stay active through this pregnancy, I did a Bodycoach HIIT Workout on my Amazon Alexa the other day, and I’ve been active on the spin bike and walking the pup.

Long may it continue.

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