Monday 24 June 2019

First Trimester - 3 Weeks Pregnancy Update

First Trimester - 3 Weeks Pregnant

At 3 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a Poppy Seed!

This week marks the day that officially makes my period late. My longest cycle was 57 days, and today is day 58! 

My last period was April 24th, and we are now well into June.

Having cycles with no real pattern is something I can’t get used to, and since finding out that I am pregnant and not being ‘late’, I think this is one of the things I’ve really struggled to get my head around.

Even now at 3 weeks pregnant, ir feels like I’ve known for a lifetime, time is going so slowly right now. I think because my symptoms are so hit and miss, I don’t really feel pregnant.

I’ve told quite a few people about my positive test now, close friends anyway. 

I haven’t told any family members yet because I’m determined to tell them in my own special way!

 I’ve ordered Leo a t-shirt, and it’s Leo and the t-shirt that will make the announcement... it should arrive towards the end of next week. Either on Leo’s birthday or the following day!

How am I feeling?

There have been days this week where my boobs are really sore, and days where they are not so sore. Tiredness comes and goes but only seems to really hit in the late evening, not like with Leo at all. I was so tired with Leo for weeks and weeks, it’s crazy how different this feels already.

I always thought if and when I found out I was pregnant again, I would just know before the test came back positive, but that wasn’t how it happened and although the news has sunk in now (and I’m over the moon) I’m still in disbelief that it has actually really happened.

I’ve been a bit weird with food this week too, I’m hungry but don’t have an appetite for much. I was loving savoury mince and mash last week, but this week the idea isn’t appealing at all. I cooked up a chicken stir fry for everyone on Saturday, but when it came to eat it... all I could do was push it around my plate.

One food I am loving right now, is something I NEVER usually eat. McDonald’s. A sweet and chilli chicken wrap with fries. 

This baby is going to ruin me! 

Would I call it a craving? I’m not sure yet, but it’s certainly one of the only things I really fancy eating right now. I’ve had it for 2 consecutive days now, but this baby best not get used to it, because I’m going to have to refuse to eat it!

First Trimester - 3 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt a little nauseous at times, but it’s over as quickly as it comes on. I feel like it’s in my mind. I’ve not been sick and it’s like a passing thing over a few minutes. 

I was driving to the second part of my booking in appointment (it was split up as Luke couldn’t attend the first, so we left the questions for a second appointment) and I felt a little sicky as I was driving over, but within 5 minutes it was over.

Baby Brain Has STRUCK

Granted I hadn’t had breakfast, because well... funny story really... 

I had a complete baby brain of a morning, that essentially started the night before...

I had left my car/house keys at my parents, gone home in Luke’s car and he of course has a house key... So we got in fine and I went straight to bed as I was super sleepy by 10pm.

I was adamant that our midwife appointment was at 10:30am the following day (Saturday), that’s exactly what I had put into the shared calendar on my iPhone. Something made me check the text with the midwife though shortly before 9am...

Turns out that the actual appointment was scheduled for 9:30am!

First Trimester - 3 Weeks Pregnant

I called Luke who had gone to the gym, quickly got ready and the realised that I only had my spare car key... and I had no key to the lock the front door.

It never assumed to me to lock the door from the inside, and go out the back door taking the back door key with me! 

Well until Luke mentioned it!

I had text my midwife in all the panic and as she’s so amazing she told me there was no rush, and we made it to the appointment. If anything I think it helped her realise I was going to be a crazy hormonal pregnant lady for the next 9 months, and it probably helped prepare her!

On Sunday I felt rough on and off all day, I wasn’t hungry and didn’t have any breakfast, instead I opted to get on top of the housework and even mow the lawn. When it came to bleaching the toilets, the smell of the bleach made me heave, and at one point I ran retching to the the loo! 

Thankfully I wasn’t poorly!

Later that day I drove over to my parents, not long as arriving I realised I was coming  down with a migraine, spots appeared in front of my eyes, and then a ache popped into my head. Ironically it was only a few days before that I had been sat in my Midwife appointment telling her how I hadn't had a migraine in years!

I’ve had to pop a few paracetamol, have a bag of strawberry laces and a lie down on the sofa!

What I have realised this week, is I have barely taken any pre-bump photos, and this needs to change! In other news... I finally got a 3+ on a Clear Blue Digital Test!

Positive Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test - 3+ Weeks

Here’s a little over view of 3 weeks pregnant...

Achey boobs, fatigue (gradually coming on STILL), slightly queasy (every now and then) still peeing multiple times, baby brain has arrived! 

No sign just yet, but I can’t wait for it to make an appearance.

I have been a little more slack with exercise this week, I did get a 2.5k walk in but I want to be more consistent long term, I am hoping that as my energy levels pick up more in the next month or so, I will have more energy to put into it. 

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