Wednesday 5 June 2019

First Trimester: 1 Week After Conception - Pregnancy Update

Positive Clear Blue Pregnancy Test 1-2 weeks

At 1 week after conception the baby is just a berry like structure made up of 16 cells. This bunch of cells will eventually grow into your baby!

Early Pregnancy

I’ve found out very early this time around, which I wouldn’t have ever expected due to my cycles being so out of sync. It’s not like I reach a point each month and think ‘I’m late’, because it changes each and every month. 

I originally entitled this post '4 Weeks Pregnant' because that is typically what you are when you find out that you are pregnant. 

I don't really know how far gone I was when I found out I was pregnant, but as the weeks have gone on it has become increasingly clear that it was SUPER early. I am literally talking DAYS after implantation, 2 weeks after ovulation. I can't really explain it as I don't understand it myself, but I wouldn't have been classed as 4 weeks pregnant when I had my positive pregnancy test. 

 I got my positive tests, and on the Clear Blue Digital test this put me at 1-2 weeks since conception, which does match up with my dates. If you have a regular cycle (Which I don't), you would typically add 2 weeks to the Clear Blue test results to match up with how a midwife/doctor would date you. I have found over the course of this pregnancy that my dates tie directly in with the weeks since conception, so this week I was 1 week since I had conceived.

At the start of the this week I didn’t really have any symptoms, obviously everything is super early right now and the HCG levels are raising as the days go by. 

As I write this I am in the very early days since I conceived, I ovulated on May 21st (Cycle day 28) and today is 13 days since ovulation occurred (June 3rd 2019).

Early Pregnancy 1 week since conception

How do I feel?

I have started to feel more sleepy, and my boobs have started to feel more tender. All symptoms that I did have the first time around but as it is still very early days, I expect this will progress into some proper symptoms before all to long. 

I would say they are subtly becoming more obvious as the days progress, although I am still very much in disbelief that I am in fact pregnant.

This morning I have felt slight queasy, although I wouldn’t say it’s morning sickness. Or at least not at this point anyway. I didn’t get sickness with Leo, so it will be interesting to see how this develops if indeed at all. 

My tummy looks slightly bloaty, but as we have just got back off holiday where I have eaten and drank things that I wouldn’t ordinarily, I am more inclined to put it down to that than pass the blame to baby. In fact I can pretty much confirm it because since I have got home and got back to healthy home cooked meals (and back to water), my tummy is starting to subside (if only for the short term!).

Early Pregnancy 1 week since conception


I rang up and booked my booking in appointment at the doctors this week, it’s scheduled for Wednesday 12th July at 14:20. 

Who have I told?

I have told a select group of close friends about little Pop (Pop being the little being I am growing in my uterus!). One of which will be collecting Leo from school while I’m at the appointment.

When I called up to schedule it, the lady on the phone didn’t really seem to know what to do with me. 

I told her I had positive tests and that I believed I was 4 weeks pregnant (little did I know I wasn't!). 

At first she told me I didn’t need to see anyone until 12 weeks, and in the next breath she told me she didn’t really know because she doesn’t have children herself... marvellous. 

So I pushed for a booking in appointment with the midwife (although I had a google and discovered that they don’t usually see people until about 8 weeks... is that right!?)

I have booked an early scan for the 21st June, I will be 6 weeks + 3 days at this point. (Of course.... I wasn't!)

 I can’t wait for the 12 week scan, I’m feeling so much more anxious about everything this time around. I think the disbelief is so strong, and I’m still shocked that I’ve managed to get to this point. I will rest easier when I know that little Pop is growing safely where he is supposed to be (I’m already referring to Pop as a he!), and then I think I’ll be able to relax slightly. 

Early Pregnancy 1 week since conception

Here’s a little over view of 1-2 weeks since conceiving...

Achey boobs, fatigue (gradually coming on), slightly queasy (at least for one day anyway) the peeing multiple times in he night has commenced already! I don’t remember it being this early first time around!

No sign just yet, but I can’t wait for it to make an appearance.

I have decided that I want to continue to be active during this pregnancy. I have got 2 workouts in since getting back off holiday and finding out that I am pregnant. I am going to continue to do what I can, when I can. 

That pretty much wraps up 4 weeks at this point. I have started putting bio oil on my tummy and boobs, but I am going to pop out today and pick up some Palmers Coconut Butter as I adore the smell (and it’s what I used before!). It must have worked because I didn’t get any stretch marks with Leo. 

Heck I may even pick up some more tests... 

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