Wednesday 26 June 2019

I got Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

I have wondered whether or not I would ever sit down and write this post, but I have had quite a few private messages asking me whether or not I have had a little bit of surgery.... I've always been very honest about the workouts I do and the food I eat, so as with everything else I will always be upfront, because not everything can be obtained through simply living a healthy lifestyle.

That is why after many years of contemplating the idea, I finally decided to go under the knife.

It's something that I have given a lot of thought to ever since I was a young teenager. While every girl I knew blossomed and became a woman, my chest stayed small and flat. As a teenager I can remember feeling very dis-heartened by my lack of breasts, some people even made cruel jokes. 

As I got older though I realised I didn't care anymore. 

I was who I was, there was nothing I or anyone else could do about it.

I met Luke, we fell in love, and he never minded my less than generous chest. A year later we had our baby boy, and aside from wondering if my smaller chest would impact my ability to breastfeed, I didn't really dwell upon the thoughts.

When my desire to have surgery came back to the surface, it was actually following my health and fitness mission. Weight loss had made my already small chest diminish further, I now barely filled an A cup bra, and as happy and as comfortable as I was with my body, I knew that I could be happier by just enhancing my breasts by a few cup sizes. 

What actually cemented my decision to seek out breast augmentation was when Luke asked me to be his wife. It was almost like it was a chain reaction. The thought of trying on wedding dresses both excited me and scared me, I knew now was the time to look into breast augmentation.

I said 'Yes' to the man of my dreams in the December and by January, I was sat in the MYA Consultation office in Birmingham.

MYA had come recommended to me by my friend, and if my results were going to come out anything like her's I would be been over the moon. I booked a consultation online, they ask if you can secure the appointment with card details, as the appointments are only free if you show up, not if you don't.

Luke came along with me to the consultation, I was talked through the procedure and shown a number of different breast implants, heck I even gave them a squeeze. What I found was you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like, as I do with most things in life, I threw myself at it all guns blazing.

I had a look at the different surgeons that were available and was provided with additional information in order to narrow the choice down to one. I decided to go with Dr Tsekouras, he came highly recommended by my coordinator (and when I met him I was so pleased with my choice!).

To secure a surgical date with MYA, we needed to put a substantial deposit down. I believe at this point Luke put £1,000 down to help me make this happen.

With the date booked for 9th February 2019, it was time to start getting everything ready. I was provided with a list of things that I would need in readiness for the surgery and post op. I started buying everything up and getting it all packed into a suitcase ready for the big day.

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

What to Pack:

- Post Surgical Bras x 2 (I had Macom Signiture and Asda)

- Disposable Ice Packs (& Ice Packs for when you get home)

- V Pillow (You can't sleep sitting up for at least a month after surgery)

- Dry Shampoo

- Sweets

- Lots of snacks

- PJ's and Slippers

- Zip up top/ Onesie for post surgery

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

I met with Dr Tsekouras to discuss what size implants and how they would be placed on me. Standing there baring my small boobs for a man I had just met and a lady that worked along side him was one of the most embarrassing moments ever. I must have gone bright red, but I told myself that it was all for a good cause.

Implant sizes are measured in CC. and I had set my heart on 350CC implants. It wasn't long before my expectation and my reality took two different paths. Due to my small frame and lack of breast tissue (Ironic? I think so!), I would only be able to have 300CC implants that would be placed partially under the muscle at the top (To reduce the chance of rippling), and over the muscle at the bottom to give it that nice full look. 

Once my surgeon explained his reasoning for the smaller implants and how they were the best sizing for me, I trusted him and went with his recommendations. 

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

The surgery was to be carried out at the Fitzroy in London, this meant a nice early start for Luke and myself. My admission time was 7:30am, this meant that we had to get from the West Midlands to the centre of London.

We made it armed with all of the weird and wonderful things I was going to need for my adventure into the unknown. I checked into the London Fitzroy and was shown up to a room, I was set to be second surgery of the day.

The morning went by very quickly, and weirdly I did not even feel remotely nervous or scared. The only thing I did feel were those very real hunger pangs that jolted through my stomach as a constant reminder that I couldn't eat. 

Dr Tsekouras came by shortly before I went into surgery and drew some lines on my chest (Something to help him with the incision of the implants), and once that was done, I was shown to a lift and together we walked up to the surgical theatre.

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

I walked into the operating room and the anaesthetist who had introduced himself upon my arrival waved me in. Before I knew it I was lay on the bed, I had a mask over my face and a IV in my hand. I remember the anaesthetist telling me what he was doing, and the next thing I know is I am waking up in recovery.   

I do re-call being a little confused, I was mainly still hungry though, and that was the first thing I asked 'Can I eat now?'.

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

The nurses told me that I had been shivering because of the general anaesthetic, that everything had gone really well and that I could now have some food. They had very kindly wrapped me up in a heated blanket so that I could keep warm as my body got over the shock of the anaesthetic. 

I had gone for the surgery around 10:30ish that morning, and it was now coming up to 13:00. It is incredible how quickly the surgery can take place and you be waking up on the other side of it all. 

My stay at the London Fitzroy was amazing, it was an incredible experience and I am so glad that I went for it. I was discharged that very same day and we drove the 2 hour drive back home. They do advise that you stay local to the hospital just in case you need to go back for any reason, for me though I just wanted to get home.

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

I am now 4 months post op, everything has healed beautifully. My scars are looking amazing, and they are going to continue to get lighter. It is insane how much your breasts change over those first few months following surgery. 

When they were first done, they were swollen and hard like rocks, I remember thinking how un-natural they felt, but now they feel like normal boobs. They have softened and are just so much more natural looking. 

Getting breast augmentation is by far the most selfish thing I have ever done for myself, and it's going to take me a while to pay Luke and my Father back, but equally it's something I wish I had done years ago. 

The healing process went really well. I wouldn't say it was painful (Other people have told me that going under the muscle was awful for them), and I was back on my feet right away. I found that when I was active I felt good, but if I lay down and felt sorry for myself, I would stiffen up and not have a very good time of it.

Breast Augmentation with MYA (Make Yourself Amazing)

I may have even done a slow and steady leg session a few days post op... and then I was back on my bike a few days later.

The hardest part for me was not being able to lift my arms or really use them, due to the fact that I had my implants put partially under the muscle, it meant that I had to allow those muscles to recover, and in a sense re-build. I Spent a lot of time getting stuck in tops, poor old Leo had to come to my rescue on more than one occasion.

He literally pulled me out of a dress on one of the days (I was stuck) and instead of pulling it up, he pulled it backwards! We were both a crumpled laughing mess on the floor.

I have gone from barely filling an A cup bra to a 28F (or a 32D if they don't have my back size). So it is probably a good thing that I didn't get the 350CC implants!

No amount of exercise or working out would give me the size I longed for on my chest, there were always going to be clothes I couldn't pull off because of my small bosom. I was really lucky that my family supported my decision and helped me go after a dream that I always thought would remain a dream.

Cosmetic surgery isn't for everyone, it's a very personal decision, but for me it was 100% the right choice, and I am so glad I went with MYA.

Disclaimer: This was funded entirely by myself and my family. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. Have you had any problems since your surgery? I also had Dr Tsekouras.

  2. Well, I have never met you, but I am sitting here glad that I found your article on your brrast augmentation experience. I had mine done about 2 weeks ago, so I am still in recovery bored AF, but super grateful to be able to recover in peace and quiet. I went under the muscles with 385CC silicone...a bit larger than I had in mind initially, but he had done so many and was clearly an amazing artist, plus I have plenty of girlfriends who had gone about that big with a very similar build to me (125lbs, 5ft5inches tall, athletic build)and were happy to show me lol, I was never jealous, I just promised myself that that would happen for me when the time was right. I'm anxious, but grateful right now. I am anxious to see the final results, but I am also grateful that I live in a very cold area and have nothing better to do than recover lol. I have had 2 boys, so I know how important it is to stay still and all that for a while afterward. So anyway, thank you for posting this! I hope that they worked out for you as much or more than you thought they would!


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