Wednesday 16 December 2015

Firing up my run with Phoebe Thomas

Kayla Itsines Transformation

It's been 18 months since my fitness mission began, sometimes I like to sit and look back on old photos from before I decided to make this change, and it is only then that the true magnitude of what I have achieved in that time frame sinks in. Fitness and exercise has become such a massive part of my life, and in ways that I could never have envisioned. 

Did I think that when I started out that I would now enjoy what I am doing? Did I think for a second that it would become second nature? Did I think that I would be where I am today? My honest answer is no, no I didn't foresee any of this. 

At the end of November I was invited along to the Transition Zone gym in Parsons Green, London to take part in a 20 minute run with the very motivational Phoebe Thomas. Phoebe is a British Actress, Journalist and Advanced Personal Trainer and Running Coach.

Phoebe Thomas

Phoebe shared her top tips for training and running in winter, the top one being having the right kit. I couldn't agree more with this because if you are dressed correctly from head to foot, you are equipped to deal with everything no matter the weather. I think it is important to dress in light clothing that you can remove if you need to, as Phoebe said, there is nothing worse than going out in jumpers and coats, as when you warm up you will end up carrying all your sweaty clothing around. It will ultimately slow you down.

My training kit for the Winter season:

ILU Fitness

- Nike Air Max 2015 Running Shoes

- Ilu Signiture Compression Leggings - They are lovely and thick and absolutely perfect for training in the outdoors at this time of year. They are supportive and look fantastic.

- Ilu Modern Mesh Top - I wear this with a sports bra underneath. It's an additional light layer that helps keep me warm while embracing the elements.

- Asics Fujitrail Pack Running Jacket - Absolutely perfect for running in unpredictable weather conditions such as the British Winter. The Raglan sleeves promote an increased freedom of movement while the jackets balaclava snap-up hood offers secure coverage if the skies suddenly open, or you want to keep the chill off your head. An adjustable drawcord at the bottom hem allows for a more secure, close to comfort fit.

We were lucky enough to preview some of the gorgeous new lines from LIJA on the night. LIJA is known for designing collections where technical performance apparel meets modern, innovative style, so make sure to have a look at the Fall 2015 Look Book.

Winter running

The reflective 360 degree elements throughout offer increased visibility in low-light conditions, which helps me to be seen when out running at night.

I haven't done much running in the 18 month time frame, I have focused more on cross training and strength, but running is something that I would love to see myself completing more of in 2016. I do feel that I have dramatically improved my over all fitness over the course of 2015, and it would be great to start making the most of this. Phoebe was fantastic and over the course of the evening she took out two running groups of many different fitness levels into the cold November evening. 

I have to admit that I was a little worried about falling behind everyone, but I surprised myself. We completed a series of different running activities over different time frames to demonstrate different running paces. I thought that I might need picking up off the floor at the end of the session but I was pleased to see that my stamina was better than I had given myself credit for.

Nathan fire up your run

We had been kitted out with some really fantastic running gear before we headed out, they included SOLE Footbeds that I am really looking forward to trying out. I have been suffering with a sprained ankle over recent weeks and haven't made it out for a run just yet. There were a number of goodies (some that we even used on the run) from Nathan. The Bandolier Vest and strobe light really helped light us up against the dark London back drop. 

Upon arriving back at the Transition Zone, I got to experience my very first Power Plate session. I have heard about Power Plates over the years, and i'll be honest. My preconceived opinion on them wasn't glowing, I thought they were gimmicky and it had never interested me in working them into my fitness regime. Until now that is.

Power Plates

Power Plate is so much more than a vibrating platform, it adds a new and challenging dimension to your workout. It does this by stimulating your muscles to contract multiple times per second, Power Plate delivers a total fitness solution in half the time frame of your usual work out. The sessions that take place at Transition Zone aim to work you to the max, and they combine a variety of training methods that include boxing, skipping, free weights and kettlebells. 

ILU Fitness

What can you expect to see from adding Power Plate to your work out?

Expect to see significant improvements in your over all strength, flexibility, muscle tone and inch loss. You’ll notice an increase in your aerobic capacity and fitness levels, decrease blood pressure and burn plenty of calories.

Transition Zone Gym

What did I think?

Actually hearing about the Power Plate technology and how it can aid your workout I was really intrigued to give it a go for myself. We tried a number of different movements on the available Power Plates and by the end of play I was a convert. I would love to give them a thorough try, and I have been invited back to Transition Zone to enjoy a full session, something that I will definitely be trying to do in the New Year.

Transition Zone Gym

The Recovery Cafe

Following a fantastic evening of activity and a great bunch of people, we took the time to un-wind at the Recovery Cafe on site at the Transition Zone. The Recover Cafe is just fantastic and I loved the idea of being able to work out, and then relax on site with a healthy protein snack, bottle of water or a shake. My own gym doesn't seem to embrace this concept and instead of healthy treats, we can purchase Mars Bars.. It's not ideal.

The diverse and exciting range on offer at the Recovery Cafe ranges from Hot Cacao Hits, Chia Pots, Energy Balls, Protein Power Balls and nutritious juices. 

My idea of heaven!

Foam Rolling

A big thank you to the team over at Action PR, Transition Zone, Phoebe Thomas and everyone who made the fantastic and informative. I had a great time and feel inspired to get out and running. 

Disclaimer: I was invited along to the event and provided with a generous goodie bag. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

For Him - Christmas Guide 2015

men Christmas Gift Guide

Men, men, men. 

What do you buy the man who has everything this Christmas? I struggle each year, and I am sure that I am not alone trying to accomplish the perfect gift, so let's take a look at the items that have made my gifts for 'him' in 2015.

Stockings and treats

men Christmas Gift Guide

Now you might be under the impression that chocolate and bubbles are the way to a woman's heart, and not your mans, but the reality is quite different. Chocolate and bubbles mean quality time, you and him. Maybe a film on the box, indulgence and grown up time. It seems like such a simple choice but one that you really shouldn't over look... How about a Toblerone, the ultimate man's bar, a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco or for something a little different and delicious, how about The Adnams Selection Prosecco Spumante and a festive screening of Die Hard!?

Of course if your going to sit down to watch a film over the Christmas break, then you might want to arm yourselves with more than one bar of chocolate. We all know that the men in our lives will most likely inhale the snacks within a few seconds flat, so be prepared and really surprise him. Bonne Maman have a delicious selection of cakes and treats that will really spoil him over the festive season.

Be Practical...

Sometimes the man who has everything, literally has... well everything. Maybe they need some things for the office? Bits and pieces that they actually require, over things that will just get pushed to one corner and forgotten about. You could always ask them if they need something in particular or just hunt out some attractive options for them:

Leitz Christmas
Leitz have a lovely selection of office necessities that would make lovely gifts for the man in your life. Be it for work or play, there is something for everyone. I particularly like the Complete Laptop Smart Traveler Bag. The quality bag is lightweight and won't look out of place in a business setting. It boats smart zip fastening, matt metal buckles and genuine padded leather handles.

Leitz Complete Laptop Smart Traveler Bag: £ 66.83 on Amazon.

Leitz Complete Privacy Slim Folio Case for iPad Air 2 - £43.25

A little pampering...

men Christmas Gift Guide

Whether they admit it or not, these men of ours like to feel pampered. If you are stuck for ideas look no further than items that are going to make them look and feel wonderful! 

If your other half is sporting a beard to be proud of, then this wooden beard comb from The Old Street Barber will make a great stocking filler. It's made from pear wood and is the perfect for companion to help him keep his beard tame, especially when used with one of our fantastic beard oils. If you really wanted to treat him, then the Argan Beard oil is a great choice. The luxurious oil is perfect for all beard types whether they are long or short. It tames and conditions leaving his beard with a beautiful fragrance. 

The Real Shaving Co offer a complete 1-2-3 shaving process that is sure to put a smile on his face. First you PREPARE your face for the razor, then you SHAVE, then you MAINTAIN the good work.
Bob’s your uncle, your skin feels top notch! 
The Real Shaving Co
The Real Shaving Co

While we are thinking beards, let's talk keeping them under control. Shavers are gadgets that every man wants and needs, and investing in a upgrade for them will show them just how thoughtful you are. The Braun Series 9 shaver is a superior addition to every male, boasting intelligent SyncroSonic technology that delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute which helps provide a thorough shave and comforts the skin. 

Braun Series 9 shaver

Now you have thought about the three main aspects, keeping them fed, watered and looking good, you may be wondering what else you could do for them? It' no secret that men are ultimately big kids, and they demonstrate this by playing video games (or at least many of them). I know you might be thinking 'Well I don't want to encourage that!'... but have you thought outside the box? What if you got them their very own gaming chair? Think about them being in their man cave... You could actually get on with something for you, really ladies this is a Christmas gift for you!

The i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair from bean bag bazaar might just be the greatest gift you could give him this Christmas. It would help him keep his man cave in check, and provide him somewhere comfortable to sit as he steps into those virtual reality realms of his...

It has been engineered with a high back and bucket seat to create the ultimate gaming positioning, and is made from high quality faux leather with the i-eX® logo proudly stitched into the fabric and finished with stylish silver piping, the outer shell of this bean bag chair is strong, durable and sporty.
Unlike other bean bags the cover of this gaming chair has a panel of foam fixed into the back and seat to create added structure and comfort, giving the feeling of a racing car seat.
The i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair retails at £99.00 from bean bag bazaar but is currently on offer at £74.99!
i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair
Of course if you are thinking along these lines, then your mind is clearly thinking tech and appreciating the fact that you know it would be a well received gift. Have you cast your mind to the possibility of TabletTV yet?
TabletTV enables you to watch and record free over-the-air live TV on your tablet wherever there is a Freeview signal. The tuner receives all Freeview channels that are available over the air through a TV aerial and transmits them wirelessly to his tablet.
- Watch and record live television absolutely FREE
- Play back recorded shows anywhere, anytime
 - No cable, satellite, or internet required for viewing
- No buffering, wait times, or authentication
- Can also be connected to your existing household aerial
TabletTV can be purchased on Amazon for £64.99
Rollei ePano Selfie

2015 has been the year of the selfie stick, and I am sure we can all say that at one point or another, we have given one a go. I myself first discovered the selfie stick towards the back end of last year on a trip to London. In this time frame the selfie stick has come on in leaps and bounds, and now Rollei have suprised us the the ePano Selfie - a motorized panoramic head for smartphones.
the Rollei ePano Selfie is lightweight and robust, perfect for those who like myself might be a little bit clumsy at times. It has been designed for Samsung and IOS users in mind and links up to the Bluetooth operating systems while holding the phone in place with an adjustable clamp. It comes equipped with a remote control that enables you to modify the set up remotely. If you want to adjust where the camera is pointing, just touch a button and redirect it. The unit can achieve a complete 360 degree rotation, so the world really is just at the touch of a button.
Priced at just £37.50 on Amazon, the ePano Selfie would make a superb tech gift to a budding photographer this Christmas. 
Intempo Play and Party Speaker

Christmas is a time for celebration and enjoying time with loved ones. Who here doesn't just love a spot of karaoke and a powerful speaker to enjoy your music through? The Intempo Tailgate Music Speaker can provide you all of this and much more.
- Up to 3 hours play time
- Bluetooth function to connect to enabled devices (phone, tablet, etc.)
- Usb and aux inputs for mp3 players etc.
- Adjustable EQ to adjust the sound just as you like it
- Extendable handle and wheels – easily wheeled round so no heavy lifting
- Microphone so you can sing along to your favourite tunes
- Input so it can be used with instruments – portable guitar amp
- (TF/ SD) Memory card slot
- Echo Function
Just think of the fun that the entire family could have with this after a few to many glasses of champagne on Christmas day! I took ours along to a recent fitness meet, and it provided the music to everyone taking part. It did me proud and the Bluetooth function was superb, the volume of the speakers was great and we were able to have Kayla Itsines Spotify list blasting out during the work out. This would make a great gift for the avid karaoke singer or someone like me who likes to use it for working out and playing music remotely through a Bluetooth speaker. 
The Intempo Tailgate Speaker retails at £149.99.
London Designer Outlet
If you have got to the end of this gift guide and you are still scratching your head, here is one final idea that will hopefully put you on the right path. How about taking him shopping? Put the budget you have aside for him, and take him out to find exactly what he wants. London Designer Outlet is a great place to visit, with over 50 shopping outlets, and a great selection of places to eat while you’re there.
The festive fun is in full swing over at LDO right now, where things are cooling down by the ice rink, and everyone is enjoying the traditional vintage funfair and festive street food market.
Not forgetting...
-          LDO, London guarantees its shoppers a white Christmas. A snow cannon will be granting all a white Christmas on the hour until 24th December
Post your Christmas wish list in the special Santa’s Post Box next to LDO’s giant Christmas tree for the chance to win a Christmas shopping spree worth £200, plus four runners up will each win a £50 voucher to spend at LDO. All you have to do is fill out the competition form (available from Guest Services near M&S Outlet) and pop it in Santa’s post box. Winners will be picked and notified by 21st December*

*Terms and conditions apply.

-           The rink and funfair are open daily until – 3rd Jan, 11 – 9 pm (last skate at 8pm)

-          Fun fair includes: Helter Skelter, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Santa toy rides, Santa tea cups, Santa’s penguins

-          Festive street food market (until 20th Dec) open Thursday – Sunday, midday – 10 pm

Keep an eye out for more information on the activities by following London Designer Outlet on Facebook or Twitter, or by checking the LDO website which showcases upcoming events:

I am very pleased to be able to bring you the opportunity for one reader to win a £75 voucher valid at Frankie & Benny's LDO! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is use the Rafflecopter widget below.
The terms and conditions are as follows:

-          The prize is for a £75 meal voucher at Frankie & Benny’s at London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park  
-          The voucher has a validity of three months
-          You must be resident in the UK to enter and over 18 years of age
-          There will be ONE winner and the prize is as specified
-          There is no cash alternative

-          Transfers/ travel costs are not provided
Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this gift guide. Prices correct at time of publishing. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday 10 December 2015

Christmas means... Christmas Jumpers!

December is a month of magic, fun and imagination. No matter your age, when Christmas rolls around the inner child within you can't help but emerge at the surface. Whether we are getting excited to see our little one's faces on Christmas Day, or we just quite simply can't contain our excitement, one thing is for sure...Christmas truly is a wonderful time of year.

I secretly adore Christmas shopping, I know it can be busy, and if we leave it to the last minute then we will most definitely be caught in a crowd of not so forgiving shoppers who are all on their own secret missions. It's for that very reason that I do a lot of my own shopping online, My Voucher Codes has been a favourite haunt of mine this year. Shopping online cuts out having to scour the shops, and it then all get's delivered to my own front door where I can be waiting in my slippers and of course... My Christmas Jumper. 

In recent years the famous Christmas jumper has grown in popularity, and if you don't have one I really do have to pose the question 'Why!?'. I can't be to opinionated on this front though, I did only purchase mine last year.. And this year if you spot me wearing it make sure to keep an eye out for the wispy hair on Rudolph because I accidentally trapped him in my coat zip. It turns out I could potentially do with a new Christmas Jumper this year. I did love that jumper though, Luke and I had matching and I couldn't help but smile... I actually got Luke into a bright red Christmas jumper with goggly eyes and a big red nose. 

Leo had a slightly different jumper but it was still pretty similar to ours, and boy did we look the part on our family expeditions ice skating and of course the Santa Express trip that we take each and every year.

I thought ahead last year with Leo and decide to hit up the sales. In the sales I managed to get my hands on a great selection of discounted Christmas Jumpers. I stored them for the year and now he is able to rock them, and even though they are last years season, they look great.

I would love a new jumper to wear at Christmas this year, and I have been using the Christmas Jumper Finder to help me locate the Christmas Jumper of my dreams! 

What I would really love is a festive jumper dress, so I may have to keep hunting and see what I can find. Christmas only comes around once a year, and I am lapping up every moment, because Christmas's where the magic is rife in the air, and Leo's imagination runs through the most imaginative of dreams, are not always going to be here. I intend to wear the cheesiest Christmas clothing, make some beautiful memories and spoil him rotten. 

And that... Is just what I intend to do.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

KidzInMind App Review

KidzInMind App

The world is truly digital in 2015, and along with adults using technology, our children are playing with it. I know that as a parent myself this can often be a worry, because they can stumble across anything unless you stay at their side for the duration of play. Sometimes I am sure you will be able to appreciate that this is not always possible, because dinner needs making, the washing up needs doing, and in all honesty screen time is often the perfect opportunity to get a head start on a list of jobs that need completing. 

Apps are a mine field and I know that it is hard to navigate to make sure that they are going to be suitable for Leo. I want them to be fun but at the same time I want them to be educational, and I most certainly don't want adverts or the possibility of him accidentally purchasing from within the app. In the past we have found some truly fantastic apps, but I couldn't keep them on there for him because the adverts were diverting him away from the otherwise safe content of the app, or asking him to make in app purchases. Not on my watch I am afraid...

We recently discovered KidzInMind -  A new app that has been designed by parents, for parents and their children. It offers parents just like you ad I peace of mind. The content of the app is entirely age appropriate providing educational features, games and videos. There are no adverts or hidden payments, and we have a great selection of parental control tools to satisfy our needs.

There's a built in parental control timer (can someone please give me a high five!?), which means I can select the total time that I want Leo to be able to play. That means that if he is having a play just before bed time, and I want him in bed for 7pm. I can tell the app to stop play at 6:50pm so that he knows without a shadow of a doubt, that it is time to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

The type of features the app includes are great for Leo's age, and they span from handwriting, brushing your teeth correctly, language, ABCs and colouring, plus many more. As I write this there are currently more than 40 features to for your child to enjoy, with more being added each week. All apps featured on the KidzInMind app are vetted and approved before being added to the app, with experts in paediatrics, nutrition and education ensuring the best app features for our children.

KidzInMind App

If I want to lock things down further then I can, I can turn off the internet and even stop Leo from accessing other apps, This feature is fantastic, as it means I know exactly what he is up to the entire time, even I happen to be in the other room washing up the dinner plates. There will be no more walking into a room.. Realising that he is now on YouTube and somehow slipped off what he is allowed to watch... Into what he most definitely is not allowed to watch. To say it will stop my heart skipping a beat, and stop me running and tackling the phone from his hands is a little bit of a understatement.

KidzInMind App

KidzInMind is available on IOS and Android store, it's free to download but there are subscription options that you as a parent can make within the app. It is free for the first week, and then following that the subscription costs just 79p per month. If you want unlimited access to the full app then there is a option to pay £2.99 per month which will open up unlimited video, games and of course all the parental controls. 

You don't need to worry about children accessing the parental controls though, as they ask mathematical questions (that I sometimes wonder if I can answer!). Who knew that the app was also going to be a learning curve for me!?

KidzInMind App

Leo is really loving the colouring option, and I have been trying to get him to focus on the alphabet as this would go a long way to helping him with his learning, I wrote this week about how he has fallen behind in reception, and I just want to expose him to as many different letters and ways of learning as I possibly can.

KidzInMind has already been recognized for it's features and recently received the kidSAFE seal, Mom's Choice Award! Well done to the team who have worked so hard to bring us such a safe app that our children are thoroughly enjoying!

Check out the official KidzInMind website here, find them on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter here.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

For Kids - 2015 Christmas Gift

2015 Kids Christmas Gift Guide

I say it every year, but each year it becomes more apparent than the last. Leo's understanding about Christmas grows, his excitement about the event he is now counting down to is more poignant than ever before. The innocent shine in his eyes, the magic flickering across his face is really a wonder to behold.

At 4 years old Leo cannot wait for Santa to arrive, and I myself am on the count down to him breaking up from school so that we can go on some festive adventures. I have been scouring the internet for some fun gift ideas, and I thought it would be nice to share what I have come up with so far...

Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Advent has grown in the market place since I was a little girl. I remember opening my pictured calendar back in the day... It was a nativity themed calendar with a image of Mary, Jesus or fitting image relating to the deeper meaning of what Christmas is really about. These days there are so many new calendars to help count down the days. Playmobil  have a lovely range, and Leo has been loving the Fire and Rescue advent calendar to help him mark each day on the run up to Christmas.

Playmobil Advent calendar

The Playmobil Fire Rescue Operation Advent Calendar has 24 doors and behind them are 4 Playmobil figures and accessories. As you open the doors up more of the scene is revealed showing the hard working fire-fighters putting out the fierce blaze taking hold of a stack of tyres. Featuring many accessories including a water hose, a fire extinguisher, a stack of tyres and lots more there is plenty to keep you entertained. The set includes 2 Playmobil fire-fighters, a passer by and a boy with cat, matching pairs card game and many accessories. Leo has been particularly smitten with this as his Daddy happens to be a firefighter!

RRP: £19.99 but at the point of writing this gift guide: £14.10 at Amazon.

Irish Fairy Door

Christmas has so many reasons to be celebrated, of course we have to honor the traditions, but today is holds a place in the heart of children on a magical frontier, and to me that is so important. I want Leo to grow up and see magic in a world that sometimes seems anything other than magical, and I will nurture that with all that I am. The Irish Fairy Door is exactly how I choose to do that, and Leo is in awe of the fairy who lives within this little door. He has never seen her... but he knows that she is there and sprinkling her magic all around him. 

Things to do over Christmas...

Cineworld Unlimited Card

I like to make plans with Leo as a general rule of thumb, but even more so with Christmas around the corner. Date nights usually include a meal and a trip to the cinema, our local being Cineworld. A must watch for us over the festive season has to be the new Disney smash hit The Good Dinosaur. A great gift idea for a film fanatic would be the Cineworld Unlimited Card that provides holders:

- Unlimited Film
- 10% retail Discount
- Exclusive Previews
- Event Cinema Savings
- Premium Upgrade

Stocking Fillers

The little boy who lost his name

We love to read, and now that Leo is learning to read for himself, books we can enjoy and read together are top of the Christmas list. The Little Boy who Lost His Name is a personalised book like no other.  It is wonderfully written and illustrated throughout, you personalise it with your child's name and every name creates a different story.

The book follows a child who loses their name – and heads off on a marvelous, magical adventure, to track down the missing letters. Along the way they meet lots of weird, wonderful and wise characters, who all help in the search.
Now a brand new book from the people behind The boy who Lost His Name is on the scene - The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is the brand new personalised book by David Cadij-Newby and Pedro Serapicos. 
The Incredible Intergalactic journey Home
The story follows a boy (or girl depending upon how you personalise it!) who gets lost in space. The aim of the game is to find your way back to earth again. Back home. Of course along the way they meet so many wonderful characters who all help out and point him in the right direction – to the Solar System, Earth, to their country, region – all the way to their street. This is where the book gets really impressive. When you create the book online, you use satellite imagery and map your house out. So you really do end up back at your house. 
To say Leo has loved these books is a understatement. They are firm favourites and I have to recommend them to anyone looking for a new book to really capture your little one's attention. 
You can order both books here for £19.99 each.
PLAYBULB Rainbow is a Bluetooth Smart LED colour light bulb that would make a great stocking filler, think little one's bedroom! it is controlled via PLAYBULB's free mobile App and the unique bulb allows you to freely create your own coloured ambience throughout the home whilst the built-in Bluetooth chip allows you to manage brightness control and colour changing effects at your fingertips via the free PLAYBULB X App. With LED lights in red, green, blue and white, PLAYBULB Rainbow opens doors to a whole range of colour fading options.
Playbulb Rainbow retails at £39.99.

On Leo's Christmas Lift

The Great Big Boo

Leo and the great big boo from Bespoke Verse is the original and wonderful poem written by Joanna Miller. It tells the story of a child who meets a mysterious creature called The Great Big Boo and together they have an adventure swinging over exciting oceans and far off lands, before returning safely home when the sun goes down. This version has been perosnalised with Leo's name to make it truly special and it now resides in his bedroom, and we love nothing more than reciting it every night before bed. 
The print is personalised throughout and prices start from £24.00.

DKL Toys

Learning is a really big part of the thought process for gifts this year, and the Miniland Animal Lacing provides children aged 3 and up fun animal silhouettes to sew. I love this as it is going to encourage Leo in his development and growth. It encourages children to sew using the provided cords, and when the figures are not being used for sewing, they can be templates for drawing and colouring. 

The You Explore It Human Body from Smart Lab over at DKL Toys is a hands-on kit that allows kids to enter the weird and wonderful world of the human body, complete with removable squishy organs! This has gone down a treat with Leo and we have had some amazing conversations about the human body, and because he can explore with his hands, he is getting a great basic understanding.

Hape Crane Lift
Leo loves construction play, so the Hape Crane Lift has been a firm favourite in recent weeks. It's a working crane crafted out of solid wood, and exactly what you need on a building site. Leo has spent hours at the helm of the crane and has even incorporated the Hape Dumper Truck into the game. It's been a joy to behold, and these timeless toys make great additions under the Christmas Tree. The quality is there in each and every way you look at it, from the over all play value to the materials that have been used to construct them.

 All Hape products meet or exceed all applicable quality and safety standards by using natural materials and water-based paints making every Hape toy an investment kids will love and parents can trust. 

The Hape Crane Lift retails at: £34.99
The Hape Dumper Truck Retails at: £24.99

Spearmark Headlight

The new Spearmark Headlight is a three-in-one light in the shape of a DJ head complete with headphones and flat cap. Leo adores it, and it boasts a noise activated light in it's mouth that bursts into action at the sound of a beat and has two light settings in his cap (white and changing!).

Head Light brings some serious light action to any party, whether Leo is dancing about to his favorite song or has a few friends over to play. Head Light's mouth flashes bright green when it hears a sound:, and you can clap, shout or stomp for the light to pulse in time to sound vibrations! 

Light-up flat cap with 2 setting choices, with either a colour changing light that will make his cap glow from purple to pink to red to green, blue and back to purple again, or a White light colour way that looks vibrant and works well as a bedside lamp. 

The Spearmark Headlight retails at: £18.74

Moochies for Kids

Moochies for Kids are a wrist worn mobile phone for kids, if you were to just glance at the wrist of a child wearing one, you would immediately assume that they were wearing a watch. Leo has been using one for the last few months and you can read our full account here.

Moochies are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, they are simple to use and most importantly they are safe. You program the phone through your own smart phone and the Free App that can be downloaded through the Apple and Android stores. The app allows you to program the phone with 2 phone numbers (i.e Mum and Dad!) that can then be called via the two buttons on the right hand side of the watch. 

Moochie Features:
- SOS button in case of emergency
- GPS Tracking
- Controlled calling
- Pay as you go

Moochie retails at £79.99.

Gameband + Minecraft

We seem to have stumbled into Minecraft a little earlier than I ever thought we would, but with Leo's 14 year old Aunt showing him the ropes it was pretty much inevitable. The new Gameband + Minecraft is a a wearable that enables you to play anywhere, anytime-on any computer!

The stylish, high-tech band means that you can take your entire Minecraft experience everywhere you go, by simply plugging Gameband into the USB port of any Windows, Mac or Linux computer, launch the Gameband App, and then enjoy endless fun creating and playing your favorite game. This wearable is perfect for those who don't want to be tied down to playing on a single computer! 

 The Gameband + Minecraft retails at: £69.99

Heelys X2 fresh

Sometimes I can't help feeling like I should have been a child in 2015, especially when I see the Heelys X2 fresh. Shoes that are also known as skate shoes. They look like your average pair of trendy trainers, but they are actually fitted with two wheels that provide the option of rolling along! Leo has been giving this pair a trial run recently and he is completely smitten. The 2 wheels are perfect for beginners and he has taken to them like a duck to water. They boast a waffle grip that means you don't need to skate if you don't feel like it, and it keeps your trainers firmly gripped to the floor!

The Heelys X2 Fresh retail at: £44.95.

I am very pleased to have teamed up with to bring you this exclusive giveaway in time for Christmas! One lucky reader will WIN a Grit Atom Scooter of their choosing worth £64.95! Won't that make a great gift to wrap up!?

Grit Atom Scooter

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Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

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