Wednesday 9 December 2015

KidzInMind App Review

KidzInMind App

The world is truly digital in 2015, and along with adults using technology, our children are playing with it. I know that as a parent myself this can often be a worry, because they can stumble across anything unless you stay at their side for the duration of play. Sometimes I am sure you will be able to appreciate that this is not always possible, because dinner needs making, the washing up needs doing, and in all honesty screen time is often the perfect opportunity to get a head start on a list of jobs that need completing. 

Apps are a mine field and I know that it is hard to navigate to make sure that they are going to be suitable for Leo. I want them to be fun but at the same time I want them to be educational, and I most certainly don't want adverts or the possibility of him accidentally purchasing from within the app. In the past we have found some truly fantastic apps, but I couldn't keep them on there for him because the adverts were diverting him away from the otherwise safe content of the app, or asking him to make in app purchases. Not on my watch I am afraid...

We recently discovered KidzInMind -  A new app that has been designed by parents, for parents and their children. It offers parents just like you ad I peace of mind. The content of the app is entirely age appropriate providing educational features, games and videos. There are no adverts or hidden payments, and we have a great selection of parental control tools to satisfy our needs.

There's a built in parental control timer (can someone please give me a high five!?), which means I can select the total time that I want Leo to be able to play. That means that if he is having a play just before bed time, and I want him in bed for 7pm. I can tell the app to stop play at 6:50pm so that he knows without a shadow of a doubt, that it is time to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

The type of features the app includes are great for Leo's age, and they span from handwriting, brushing your teeth correctly, language, ABCs and colouring, plus many more. As I write this there are currently more than 40 features to for your child to enjoy, with more being added each week. All apps featured on the KidzInMind app are vetted and approved before being added to the app, with experts in paediatrics, nutrition and education ensuring the best app features for our children.

KidzInMind App

If I want to lock things down further then I can, I can turn off the internet and even stop Leo from accessing other apps, This feature is fantastic, as it means I know exactly what he is up to the entire time, even I happen to be in the other room washing up the dinner plates. There will be no more walking into a room.. Realising that he is now on YouTube and somehow slipped off what he is allowed to watch... Into what he most definitely is not allowed to watch. To say it will stop my heart skipping a beat, and stop me running and tackling the phone from his hands is a little bit of a understatement.

KidzInMind App

KidzInMind is available on IOS and Android store, it's free to download but there are subscription options that you as a parent can make within the app. It is free for the first week, and then following that the subscription costs just 79p per month. If you want unlimited access to the full app then there is a option to pay £2.99 per month which will open up unlimited video, games and of course all the parental controls. 

You don't need to worry about children accessing the parental controls though, as they ask mathematical questions (that I sometimes wonder if I can answer!). Who knew that the app was also going to be a learning curve for me!?

KidzInMind App

Leo is really loving the colouring option, and I have been trying to get him to focus on the alphabet as this would go a long way to helping him with his learning, I wrote this week about how he has fallen behind in reception, and I just want to expose him to as many different letters and ways of learning as I possibly can.

KidzInMind has already been recognized for it's features and recently received the kidSAFE seal, Mom's Choice Award! Well done to the team who have worked so hard to bring us such a safe app that our children are thoroughly enjoying!

Check out the official KidzInMind website here, find them on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter here.

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