Thursday 17 January 2019

An Expecting Bride To Be? Here’s How To Throw Her a Hen Party

Life is really unexpected and it’s possible that you’re the maid of honour of a bride-to-be who’s expecting a little life soon. While it’s a beautiful experience to be pregnant, it can be a real challenge for you to throw a pregnant bride-to-be a spectacular hen night. Though the alcohol, the dancing and the drinking games are not an option for the pregnant bride-to-be, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw her an amazing hen do. 
Bump or no bump, a bride-to-be deserves to celebrate her last night of freedom with her girls and here’s how you can throw her and her bump a memorable hen do. 
1. Movie and Sleepover Night
You can plan a hen night right at home instead of going out. Get some favourite films of the bride-to-be, set up a projector screen, get some popcorns, non-alcoholic drinks, set up a candy bar and couch up to watch movies all night. You can also play some non-drinking games with the bride-to-be like truth or dare, have a photoshoot and then end the night with a sleepover in pink pyjamas and gossips. 
This would be a completely safe, comfortable and fun hen night for a pregnant bride-to-be. 
2. Combining the Baby Shower and a Hen Night
If the bride is in her third trimester or if her baby shower is due very soon, then you can also combine her baby shower and hen night. The first part of the event can be a baby shower where all friends and family members of the expecting mother shower her with gifts for her baby and the second part could be exclusive for the bride-to-be and her friends. Here, the hen gang can shower her with gifts that she can use after she gives birth to her baby and you can also play games or have a cupcake or fragrance making class. You can plan activities for the hen night which the pregnant bride-to-be can participate in. 
3. Salon and Spa Day
What’s perfect for a tired, uncomfortable and stressed out pregnant bride-to-be than a day at the salon and spa? Getting her hair done, having a little mani-pedi party, getting a massage with her best friends, it’s the recipe for the perfect, relaxing hen night. 
You might have to check with the spa whether they are equipped to serve a pregnant lady or not. There are many spas that are not suitable for a pregnant women, so you might have to do a bit of homework to see which one is best suited for your bump-y bride-to-be. 
4. Afternoon Tea, Shopping and Dinner
If you can’t do a hen do in London, bring London to the bride and surprise her with a fancy afternoon tea complete with cupcakes, biscotti and lots of fruits for the little one she’s carrying. Take the afternoon forward with a shopping spree where each of her friends can swipe their credit cards for whatever the bride-to-be demands. End the night with a dinner at her favourite restaurant and you have yourselves the perfect package for a hen night for an expecting mother and a bride-to-be. It’s comfortable, fun and memorable. 
5. Karaoke Night
If the hen likes to sing, then go out for a night of karaoke and have fun. However, if too much noise and crowd is not what the pregnant bride would like, then host your own karaoke at home and sing at the top of your lungs. You can complete this with delicious food to go with the party, some pink and cute decorations to give it the perfect and complete look of a hen night. 
A bump on the belly shouldn’t stop you from organising a cute, memorable and fun hen do for the bride-to-be. Afterall, it’s her last night as a Ms. before she becomes a Mrs. So just subtract the perspiring dancing, alcohol and the noise from the recipe of a hen do and you can still make it fun, jolly and unforgettable. The key ingredients of a hen do are friends, fun and food. So if you’ve got the three Fs sorted, then you are not far behind from hosting the most beautiful hen do ever!