Thursday 10 December 2015

Christmas means... Christmas Jumpers!

December is a month of magic, fun and imagination. No matter your age, when Christmas rolls around the inner child within you can't help but emerge at the surface. Whether we are getting excited to see our little one's faces on Christmas Day, or we just quite simply can't contain our excitement, one thing is for sure...Christmas truly is a wonderful time of year.

I secretly adore Christmas shopping, I know it can be busy, and if we leave it to the last minute then we will most definitely be caught in a crowd of not so forgiving shoppers who are all on their own secret missions. It's for that very reason that I do a lot of my own shopping online, My Voucher Codes has been a favourite haunt of mine this year. Shopping online cuts out having to scour the shops, and it then all get's delivered to my own front door where I can be waiting in my slippers and of course... My Christmas Jumper. 

In recent years the famous Christmas jumper has grown in popularity, and if you don't have one I really do have to pose the question 'Why!?'. I can't be to opinionated on this front though, I did only purchase mine last year.. And this year if you spot me wearing it make sure to keep an eye out for the wispy hair on Rudolph because I accidentally trapped him in my coat zip. It turns out I could potentially do with a new Christmas Jumper this year. I did love that jumper though, Luke and I had matching and I couldn't help but smile... I actually got Luke into a bright red Christmas jumper with goggly eyes and a big red nose. 

Leo had a slightly different jumper but it was still pretty similar to ours, and boy did we look the part on our family expeditions ice skating and of course the Santa Express trip that we take each and every year.

I thought ahead last year with Leo and decide to hit up the sales. In the sales I managed to get my hands on a great selection of discounted Christmas Jumpers. I stored them for the year and now he is able to rock them, and even though they are last years season, they look great.

I would love a new jumper to wear at Christmas this year, and I have been using the Christmas Jumper Finder to help me locate the Christmas Jumper of my dreams! 

What I would really love is a festive jumper dress, so I may have to keep hunting and see what I can find. Christmas only comes around once a year, and I am lapping up every moment, because Christmas's where the magic is rife in the air, and Leo's imagination runs through the most imaginative of dreams, are not always going to be here. I intend to wear the cheesiest Christmas clothing, make some beautiful memories and spoil him rotten. 

And that... Is just what I intend to do.

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