Thursday 27 June 2019

Leo Turns EIGHT!

Leo turns Eight - Birthday times

Another year has gone by. Another 12 months of growth and learning for that little man of mine.

Only Leo is not so little anymore, he is now 8 years old. It has been 8 years since we embraced his appearance in the world, and not a day has gone by where he hasn’t made us laugh or smile.

It’s been a busy year so far, we have been enjoying lots of time together as a family and Leo’s big day itself was no different.

Leo was so excited for his 8th birthday, he loves nothing more than adding another year to his age digit, but with each year that goes by, the harder I find it to accept. He’s not a little boy anymore, he’s a young child with his own hopes and dreams for the future, he knows what he wants, and it’s our job to help him carve a path to the end goal.

Leo turns Eight - Birthday times

This year Leo hadn’t asked for much at all for his birthday, so we had to get creative. We found a rather lovely electric scooter that we knew would really put a smile on Leo’s face, so we made sure we snapped it right up. We got it all built and in charge so that when he found it the following morning, it was ready to rock and roll.

We actually celebrated Leo’s birthday the evening before this year as Luke had to go away (I expect we will be sharing the details of this in another post very soon!).

Leo turns Eight - Birthday times

We went over to Mr Mulligans Crazy Golf in Cheltenham and had a good giggle (Leo won!). We did break tradition this year, we normally always go to Frankie and Benny’s, but this year Leo wanted a cheeky Nando’s as an alternative. 

I made sure he had his desired chocolate cake (chocolate cake is life for this 8 year old!) and I sneakily added relighting candles... this didn’t go down very well.

Leo turns Eight - Birthday times

Leo spent ages trying to blow his 8 candles out, but then they would simply delight again. I genuinely thought that he would find it incredibly funny and love blowing them all out over and over again.... but unfortunately he was getting irate and this only intensified when I told him that I was responsible for the candle charade...

Naughty Mummy!

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