Sunday 9 June 2019

A little Bit of News...

Paphos, Cyprus

Well it has been a good old long time since I have dusted off the keyboard and started to write a new post on this here blog.

There are so many reasons why I haven’t, I guess the first and most relevant one is this... Luke and I are in the process of trying to buy a house and sell his flat. We have been in a chain since October 2018, a chain that got within signing reach of exchange... only for Luke’s buyer to pull out just before.

Of course I have my whole house in boxes, the computer is currently on the floor and not really in a place that encourages me to go and type at (hence why I am writing this on my phone #BadBlogger).

Paphos, Cyprus

We did manage to rebuild the chain, but that was short lived and Luke’s buyer was unable to proceed, which meant we lost our dream home once again.

Just this week, we found a new buyer for Luke’s flat. The home we want, our home is still available... so hopefully we will be able to rebuild the chain for a 3rd time.

It is suffice to say that when we do eventually move... I am never moving ever again.

Another big bit of news is, that back in December... Luke finally asked me to be his wife! That is right... we got ENGAGED!

Engagement Idea


I will be writing a more detailed post on this very soon, because it was very romantic and very unexpected, and yes I did cry!

Finally we have had a lot going on with Leo, I won’t go into it all in this post because it’s going to easily be 2 to 3 posts when I get it all down and out of my head. He’s doing brilliantly, but that’s all thanks to the amazing support network he has around him.

Life Unexpected Blog

We have just got back from a holiday to Cyprus, and I foresee a busy year ahead of us. So I thought it was time to dust off the blog and get back to what I love.

Sometimes you just need a long old break to reignite the love you have for something, and I look forward to catching up with everyone.

I have already started drafting up some of our latest adventures, I know that posts have been offline and the tumble weeds have been rife... I will do better and can see 2019 being a great year!

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