Monday 3 June 2019

First Trimester: Telling Luke

Baby Announcement - Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Leo, telling Luke wasn’t the exciting moment it should be. We were younger, 20 to be precise. Luke was scared, I was scared.

This time around we are coming up 30, in the process of buying our first home together, and we’re engaged. We’re already a family, and I knew this time around that we were both more than ready. I knew that this time Luke’s reaction would be one of excitement.

Ironically the dates I had calculated gave me a due date of 11th February 2020 (or so I thought! This due date will change drastically over the course of the next few posts/weeks!), 5 days before we are due to fly out on a family trip to New York. A trip that we certainly won’t be able to make as I’ll either be way to pregnant, or we would have a teeny tiny newborn in tow.

I racked my brain for the best way to present the tests to Luke. I started drawing (I’ve always loved sharpies) and before I knew it, I had drawn Luke, myself, Leo and our crazy spot Lux. Behind us was a New York sky line and taped above it was the first positive pregnancy test.

Next to us I drew a little baby with the year 2020 close by...

Next to each of our cartoon counter parts I wrote our birth years. Finally at the top I wrote ‘GUESS WHAT...’

Baby Announcement - Pregnancy

Baby Announcement - Pregnancy

I found the shoe box that I had asked Luke to dispose of weeks ago, popped in the drawing and the tests, before covering it all up with tissue paper (the joys of a shoe box eh!)

I placed it on the coffee table, hid the phone on the shelf ready to hit record when Luke eventually arrived home after work.

A few hours later, Luke materialised. I was excited to share the news, nervous, excited some more... and also convinced that the tests were wrong.

That I couldn’t possibly be pregnant.

He came into the living room and saw the box on the table, immediately assuming Leo had put it all together. 

One Step Positive Pregnancy Test

He began to open it, at first he saw the drawing which he again assumed was Leo’s handiwork.... then he saw the tests.

I could tell by his face, by his reaction that he was surprised, surprised but really excited.

Our family was growing again, we were going to become a family of 4 (or 5 including the dog), and now instead of planning a 2020 wedding, or a 2020 trip to the Big Apple, we were going to be welcoming a 2020 baby.

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