Friday 28 August 2020

Still a Big Brother

Still a big brother

 When I told you the news of who was coming and what was about to happen
You were so happy, so ready and so full of passion
I couldn’t have asked for a better big brother
In the run up to the time that we would welcome another

You asked lots of questions and our excitement grew 
Soon came the news that made our hopes and happiness fade blue
We talked about the future and what may come to pass
The next few months we lived like Mummy was made out of glass

You were understanding, caring and acted beyond your years
I held you so tightly and we wiped away each other’s crocodile tears
We lived in hope and willed Louis to defy all the odds
At each appointment he surpassed expectation and accepted the pokes and prods
Still a big brother
 As a Mother and Son we both grew strong
Together we walked the yellow brick road, although at times it was long
I was honest and together we ploughed forward
Even during the times I was out of my depth and life was disordered

2020 has been a year of hard lessons
Each one showcasing unexpected blessings
Never lose hope or extinguish the smallest ember
At the end of all of this you must always remember... 

You’re still a big brother even though Louis couldn’t stay
You’re still a big brother and he will be in our thoughts everyday
You’re still a big brother even though he was called to live on the moon
You're still a big brother even though he was taken away too soon.

You’re the big brother that went above and beyond
You’re the big brother who formed the most unbreakable bond
You’re a big brother to our baby in the sky
You’re still a big brother even though we had to say goodbye

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  1. What a wonderful big brother to Louis he is 💕


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