Wednesday 5 August 2020

Louis - For My Little Warrior

Louis Christopher

Two faint pink lines announced your existence
Over the next 8 months you fought with persistence
Each week dealt a new blow
But despite it all, you continued to grow

I held you so tightly and gave you every chance
From deep inside, I felt you start to dance
On the day that they told me your heart was broken
You willed me on when no words needed to be spoken

You broke all the rules and I lived in hope
Even when they said your lungs wouldn’t be able to cope
I wished for a miracle and that you would keep on going
You defied expectations even when your growth was slowing

At 37 weeks you decided it was your time
Arriving bottom first, I willed you to be fine
You never let out a cry or opened your eyes
You had fought so hard and I didn’t want any goodbyes

It should have been warm cosy cuddles 
And milk drunk snuggles
But in the end you left as quickly as you came 
And life will never ever be the same 

Little Louis the miracle was your courageous fight 
It was meeting you in the thick of night
The miracle was spending 2 sweet hours breathing you in
The miracle was that little dimple on your chin

The miracle was the journey we went on together 
It was all the storms that we managed to weather
The miracle was getting to tell you your name
It was that little lock of blonde hair that I have been able to frame

The miracle was every single heartbeat
My little army guy never admitted defeat 
I’m so sorry that my body pieced you together in a way, 
that made it impossible for you to stay.

Louis you taught me so much in such a short time
You taught me to stand still and appreciate the moment
You taught me to have hope in the darkest of days
You taught me to keep fighting no matter the prognosis 
You taught me things I couldn’t put into words if I tried

Louis, I will carry your fight, 
I will carry your lessons and I will carry you for the rest of my life.

Sleep tight baby boy, until we meet again

I currently have a Facebook Fundraiser running in honour of little Louis 
for a charity called Aching Arms. 
 Aching Arms is a charity who support parent's like myself, 
who don't get to bring their baby home with them.

They offer support to bereaved parents through the means 
of talking to a trained befriender, and they also provide 
Aching Arms Bear's to bereaved families. 

While I was in hospital I was gifted my own Aching Arms Bear 
in the name of a baby boy called Freddie. 
I knew as soon as I received my bear that I 
wanted to raise some funds in Louis's name, 
and donate bear's to families who walked 
in my heartbreaking footsteps in the future...

I started the fundraiser with the aim of raising £150.00 to donate, 
at the time of writing this we are sitting at £161.00! 

Any donations will be going directly to Aching Arms 
and will go towards Aching Arm's Bear's in Louis's name <3


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