Wednesday 24 July 2019

First Trimester - 7 Weeks Pregnancy Update

First Trimester - 7 Weeks Pregnancy Update

At 7 Weeks The Baby is the Size of a Blueberry!

How do I feel?

This week started off with toned down symptoms, as I have said in previous weeks my pregnancy symptoms seem to come and go, away and change. 

I'm currently 7 weeks + 4 days pregnant and today my boobs are SORE! I’ve just had to come upstairs and take my bra off as the underwire was driving me to distraction. They still feel tender now even though they are free within my shirt.

I’m taking this as a positive sign, and I have to admit that I do love to feel the symptoms of pregnancy (especially with all of the drama that this early pregnancy has been subject to). 

I was thinking over the last few days though about how this compares to my pregnancy with Leo. The first massive difference is that it was November when I found out we were going to have Leo, it was colder and the nights were darker much earlier, I don’t think this helped the pregnancy fatigue I felt and it was so easy to go and get into bed.

This time though it’s July, it stays lighter much longer and I resent going and getting into bed while it’s still light (I tried last night but Leo wouldn’t allow it!), so my conclusion is that winter and pregnancy fatigue were both at play, and maybe I don’t feel as tired because it’s summertime?

It’s just a thought!

I feel more bloated this week, and I feel like it’s showing, especially in comparison to my physique before we went on holiday. I’ve finally cleared my eating habits back up and baby seems to be on board.

Pregnancy Breakfast Ideas

For the past 2 days I’ve made myself poached eggs on rye with smashed avocado, a great go to pregnancy breakfast full of everything baby needs (eggs are an all round good food!), so that is going to be something I strive to continue from here on out. 

I want to make sure I’m getting a lot more fruit and vegetables into my diet (just like before I was pregnant and baby took a dislike to them! Got to love those food inversions!).

It’s only a few days until I go to Worcester Royal Hospital for my viability scan now. I hate the word viability. At this point I’m feeling really positive and I’m looking forward to getting to Thursday and hopefully seeing Pop with his or her beating heartbeat! 

I’ve been looking at different gender theories this month, the Ramzi theory and the nub theory. 

The Ramzi Theory

The Ramzi theory works on the basis of where the placenta is, they say that if the placenta is on the left (it’s a mirror image on an ultrasound so this actually means it’s on the right) - that it means you are likely to have a boy. 

If the placenta is on the left (again it’s a mirror image on an ultrasound so this actually means it’s on the right) that this means you are likely to have a baby girl. 

I’m the scan we had last week at 6 weeks + 6 days, the placenta looked to be on the left (actually meaning right), I’ll have to confirm the actual placement at my next scan!

The nub theory is something I’ll cover after my 12 week scan!

I didn’t come across any of these theories in my first pregnancy and it’s quite fun to guess at what gender I think we may be having. Still... in 9 weeks we could potentially find out! 

In other news.... Did you know that a ovulation test can actually be positive if you are pregnant!? I had no idea! Someone happened to mention it to me... So of course I tried it out and it has indeed gone positive! 

First Trimester - 7 Weeks Pregnancy Update


During the day I’m absolutely fine, it’s the evening that fatigue descends and I just want to flop about like a potato. 

Still when I got home from work on Monday I mowed the lawn, tidied the house top to bottom and then flipped out like a potato! 

I did want to start my exercise routine again this week (now my eating is back under control), but last night Leo’s tutor cane round for an hour, and now we seem to be in the middle of a heat wave, I may be crazy but I’m not stupid! So it can wait until the heat relents somewhat. 

First Trimester - 7 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here’s a little overview of 7 weeks pregnant..

Sleep seems to be coming more easily again this week (Unlike the pregnancy insomnia of week 6!), my eating has been better over the last few days and I am really hoping that this is going to help Pop with some of that early development that he or she is going through! 

Achey boobs, fatigue, baby brain is in full swing, veiny boobs for days (and they have now grown by an inch! 34inches to 35inches!)

No bump to report yet, just that of the food baby I have been lovingly crafting!


I know excuses don;t get results, but there is no exercising in this 33 Degree heat!

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