Monday 15 July 2019

First Trimester - 6 Weeks Pregnancy Update

First Trimester - 6 Weeks Pregnancy Update

At 6 weeks baby is the size of a Chocolate Chip

This week has been so long, I have been waiting for my NHS scan to roll around after all of the worry caused by the early scan. I remember the first trimester feeling long with Leo, but it in no way compares to just how long this pregnancy has felt so far.

I always thought finding out early was a real blessing, but as it turns out finding out so early is probably the reason I put myself through a private early scan in the first place.

Finding out early has meant I have put myself through in-necessary worry and panic when I should have been trusting my body to do the right thing. After all, there were no complications with Leo, not one. He was a textbook pregnancy and I have to believe that this is the case again.

When I look back at this pregnancy (hopefully in 9 months time while cradling my little bundle), I hope that I realise that I spent so much time worrying for no reason. The one good thing about finding out early and my dates not being exact, is that I have seen Pop develop completely. I have seen Pop as just a gestational sac, I have seen Pop with a tiny fetal pole, and next week I will hopefully see the heartbeat. 

I still have my private scan coming up on August 1st. I pushed it back as I wanted the all clear from the NHS and my midwife first (for some reason I have no trust in Peek-a-Baby... I cannot imagine why!), so that means Leo will get to see his little brother or sister for the first time.

I am hoping that we will walk away with all of the scan images that were captured, it would make a nice little addition to Pop's memory box. 

Then of course we will have the 12 week scan (Towards the end of August, after I turn the big 30!)

Positive One Step Pregnancy Test Line Progression

How am I feeling? 

My symptoms are coming and going, I thought I was imagining it but one day my boobs are really sore and the next they feel more normal again. 

I’m assured that this is perfectly normal, but it’s a massive contrast to how I was with Leo. With my first pregnancy it felt like I could have slept for 100 years and still been tired when I woke up! 

I genuinely think that if I hadn’t had a positive pregnancy test (or 50....) I wouldn’t for a second think I was pregnant. Yes I have symptoms but they aren’t the kind that would make me suddenly think ‘ahhh I might be pregnant!’.

When the end of the day rolls around I am ready to close my eyes for a well deserved sleep, but this week I have been struggling to drift off (ironic much!) and I have woken multiple times in the night too. Rumour has it that along with pregnancy fatigue there is this marvellous wonder called pregnancy insomnia! 

And yes it is very much real!

I’ve spent the evening yearning for my bed, only to get there and not sleep. There was one night this week that I felt like I didn’t actually go to sleep, but I must have had a little shut eye.

Food wise I feel like I may be coming out of the other side, I’ve been eating a very rubbish diet of late but I am hoping to turn this around sooner rather than later.

First Trimester - 6 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Dating Scan

I had my NHS Dating Scan on Thursday, it looks as if I am due in March as opposed to my first thought of February (which means Leo’s t-shirt was wrong).

I saw a fetal pole (as you will know if you have read the post all about how this scan went), but due to the fact we didn’t observe the heartbeat I need to go back on Thursday (I should be 7+6 then) and it will most likely result in an internal scan.

They say that this early on internals are the best way to get the detail you need, but as I said at the start of this post, if I hadn’t found out so early on, I do think that a lot of this panic and worry could have been avoided.

We just have to hope now that little Pop has a heartbeat to be seen next week, I’m really optimistic but I just want to know once and for all now.

6 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound - NHS Dating Scan

Announcing My Pregnancy at Work

Yup! As the headline states... I announced my pregnancy to my boss this week. Completely unintentionally and in typical Laura style, very irrationally and you could even go as far as saying hysterical! Yup crazy hormonal pregnant lady... coming right at you!

It was all a bit spur of the moment, one minute I am lay on the scanning table at the hospital. The next I am being told I need an emergency viability scan, within the next moment I am dialing my boss... And then the words leave my mouth faster than I can spit them out.

I was pondering the thought of how I was going to tell people, so maybe ripping the bandaid off was the best thing to do, little to no thought went into it, but at least it's out in the open now. I can fill everyone else in once I get the all clear (hopefully on Thursday!).

Here’s a little overview of 6 weeks pregnant..

It's been a battle of love and hate with sleep this week, some nights it comes easy, and others this pregnancy insomnia likes to keep me awake over analysing every twinge and keep sleep at a distance. 

Achey boobs, fatigue, ill peeing multiple times, baby brain is in full swing (I think this is just who I am these days!) My boobs have gone really veiny now!

No bump to report yet, just that of the food baby I have been lovingly crafting!


Exercise is something that I am building up to, It has been a few weeks now (who am I kidding? It's easily a month!), but I do want to build it back up and get a routine back in place.

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