Thursday 2 January 2020

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 4-8

8 Weeks Pregnant - First Trimester

I didn't start writing lots of posts like last time, just in case the worst should happen.. again. So I just let the days and weeks tick by, I am writing now as I have had my early scan and I know that everything is ok. Baby has a beautiful strong heartbeat and I know how far along I am.

At this moment in time I am 8 weeks + 5, I found out stupidly early again though, 10 days past ovulation and before the HCG was strong enough for a Clear Blue Digital to even pick it up, the first one of those I got was a 'Not Pregnant' - Which in true style I popped open and revealed the faintest lines inside!

Over New Year and into early January I suffered with flu like symptoms, the lurgi had been doing the rounds and I was unlucky enough to succumb to it. I put off taken paracetamol for the first day due to the worry, but eventually gave in as even my eyes were hurting.

It was reassuring to know that we had the early scan booked.

Early baby Scan - 8 weeks

We went along to our early scan and baby lined up with my dates bar a few days, and we were given the Estimated Due Date of August 11th 2020! I was originally on the 7th August 2020 so it was literally just 4 days out from my own estimate which i'm pretty impressed with!

Not Pregnant Clear Blue

Fast forward a few days to the 29th November and I got my 'Pregnant - 1-2 weeks.

In the first few weeks up until what would have been about 6/7 I was incredibly tired.

Luke was away with work training, and he would ring around 10pm but I was already spark out asleep, so we went almost a week without physically talking on the phone due to the tiredness. Aside from the tiredness my boobs have been progressing in soreness and getting more veiny. It's strange how it happened because it really has been a gradual process and now they are noticeably sore, but not as sore as I remember them being in my pregnancy with Leo.

Positive Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

The tiredness as well, it's not the same as the tiredness in my first pregnancy. Up until 6/7 weeks I was in bed nice and early.... but now at almost 9 weeks I am back to staying up late again. If anything there have been some nights where I cannot sleep, or when I have the dreams have been so vivid and real.

I had a dream that mine and Luke's wedding went horribly wrong with lost rings and double bookings, I dreamt that I went to my baby scan and they found the baby straight away. That was the best dream, it almost felt like my body telling me that everything was going to be ok. 

I had the opposite dream in my previous pregnancy, I had dreamed that at the scan there was no heartbeat, and subsequently went on to miscarry, but following my latest dream, I went to the scan and saw my little baby's heartbeat beating away on the screen!

Luke and I had kept the news to ourselves, the only person who knew outside our little fold was my sister Alice (who actually got sent the pregnancy test before Luke did!), Luke had been on his usual Monday night training session, and when he walked through the door just before 10pm, he could see my sister and I sat at the breakfast bar leaning over a very faint pregnancy test!

NHS Pregnancy Notes

Luke was in disbelief the longest, I started taking my folic acid as soon as I found out, and I booked my booking in appointment for the 17th December 2019. I knew that I would be required to give a urine sample so I sat there at the first of many appointments that require a full bladder (really needing a wee!). I was hoping that I would have the same midwife as back in June, and then she popped her head around the corner and called me into her office telling me how nice it was to see me back!

As Luke couldn't make the appointment I decided to take the notes I had from our miscarriage as all Luke's details were the same, so this allowed Louise to simply transfer them all over into fresh notes for a new pregnancy.

I got a little upset as we discussed what happened but she kept telling me that I was here to stay this time, that they were going to keep me. She took bloods and the urine sample and that wrapped up our booking in appointment. 

It was super quick because we already had all the information, which also meant I made it to school in time to pick Leo up!

That night I decided to take a photograph of my maternity notes (Don't ask me why, I have no idea). I climbed into the bath and sent what I thought was a funny meme to my family's group chat (I'm talking, Dad, Mum, Brothers x 2, Sister and all of their partners... Of course what I really sent was this photo of my pregnancy notes!

Guess what? I couldn't work out how to delete images on WhatsApp! Within a second my brother replied... I'll insert the screen grab of the conversation below.

Basically I announced my pregnancy by mistake to my whole family! 

Everyone but Leo of course...

Now we have seen the heartbeat, now we know that the baby is growing and healthy we decided to tell Leo on the 2nd Jan 2020.

Best Bro T-shirt and Baby Scan

We laid out the 'Best Bro' t-shirt that we had bought for him back in June (the t-shirt that he never wore, that has just been sat in a box) and placed the baby scan on top and called him into the kitchen. I asked him what he thought it was and he told me 'it's a baby' and he knew straight away. He asked me if it was another baby and I explained that yes it was and he was so happy. A massive smile on his face at the realisation that he was finally going to be a big brother in August 2020.

He couldn't believe how long we have all known though, he jokingly called me a dirty liar while giggling. 

The day after the scan and telling Leo, we all ventured over to Worcester to see what baby bargains could be had at Mothercare before they close their doors forever! It was a sad sight but we managed to get some wonderful bits!

The scan and actually buying some bits for baby has made it all seem so much more real.

I have a NHS Dating Scan on 16th January, I should be 10+2 at that point.

Let’s just hope this pregnancy continues to stay normal and uneventful. 

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