Thursday, 2 January 2020

Babyface4d Early Scan Review

Early baby scan - 8 weeks pregnant

I found out that I was pregnant again on the 25th November, ironically on the 25th July I was told that I had miscarried. Going by my last period I would have been due on 30th July 2020, one whole year to the day since the miscarriage actually happened. 

I have been taking this pregnancy one day at a time, trying not to look too far ahead, trying not to get excited just in case this ended in tears like before.

I held off booking a early pregnancy scan this time, in fact I wasn't going to be booking one this time round after last time...But after my booking appointment I was told it would most likely be the end of January before I would get a dating scan, and the thought of potentially miscarrying before then and never getting to see my baby scared me into booking a reassurance scan.

There was no way I was going to be booking back in with Peek-a-Baby again, but I had heard wonderful things about Babyface4d who have clinics in Birmingham and Bromsgrove. The man on the phone was lovely and I explained why I was booking due to our previous loss, he was so helpful and got us booked in for 17:20 on January 2nd 2020.

Christmas and New Year went really slowly for me, I was just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping that I was doing everything right to keep our little Nugget growing and healthy. I had a dream over the festive season where I was at the scan, and that everything was ok and even saw the heartbeat thumping away. I hoped that this was my bodies way of telling me everything was ok... Especially since I had the opposite dream last time and unfortunately it came to pass.

After what felt like the longest wait ever, the 2nd of January arrived. I had come down with a nasty cold virus and spent the day wiped out on the sofa (as I have every day since too for that matter!). We dropped Leo at my parent's house and made our way over to Bromsgrove.

I arrived with a full bladder and half expected them to tell me to go and empty it so they could see something (this is what happened at every scan in my failed pregnancy). I was scanned by Jill Agnew the owner of Babyface4d, Jill is an advanced ultrasound practitioner and has over 14 years experience in obstetric ultrasound and  was even a Midwife for over 25 years!

I knew I was in safe hands, and even if it wasn't good news that she would take the time to go through everything with me.

Thankfully it was amazing news, no sooner as the doppler touched my tummy, my retroverted uterus (which she picked up on straight away!) appeared on the screen, along with a healthy pregnancy sac and 8 week 2 day baby!

We witnessed the heartbeat beating away, and we even got to hear it for a short time. It was amazing, absolutely incredible and despite being poorly, I left on cloud 9.

We got 2 prints of our little Nugget and we decided that we could finally tell Leo that night.

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