Monday 24 October 2011

Full Circle - A Pregnancy Story

This time last year I fell pregnant. My life was about to change for ever, and at this point a year ago I had no idea what changes were about to take place.

I became aware of these life changing transitions on November 4th 2010 - schocked is an under-statement, but I knew that I was going to rise to the occasion and bring a baby into the world.

So this is where my journey began and I cannot believe a year has past already.....What a difference a year makes! I would like to walk you through my 9 months of pregnancy and document these changes, and discuss some highs, and even lows!

6 weeks Pregnant - First Trimester

So here we very early pregnancy shot! After finding out very early on I wanted to take photos of my tummy so I could see my baby growing, and also reflect back upon the changes my body went through.

I was extremely lucky, I had no morning sickness and pretty much sailed through my 9 months of pregnancy. I kept my pregnancy on the low from everyone but my other half....but Mum's have an amazing intuition.....I was outed days after I had found my Mum! The extreme tierdness I had been experiencing shone through and the jig was up!

I had wanted to keep it quiet until I had my scan, so I could announce that I was pregnant and the baby was cooking just as he should....I say right from day one I was so sure that I was having a boy.

9 week pregnancy scan - ultra sound - first trimester

At what should have been my 12 Week Scan, which I was booked in for early on December 3rd 2010, I was put back a week, to 9 weeks gestation and given the due date of July 4th 2011. I had worked it out for the 27th June with my GP on my booking in appointment.

At 9 Weeks my little bean was wriggling about...It was fascinating to watch him darting around on the screen but I could feel nothing. He was so small...

My baby was growing just perfectly, and there were no concerns...I then realised that I now had to tell the world that I was going to become a Mum! This thought was daunting and I was terrified about telling everyone my amazing news....especially my work!

I took the time to tell my family the night after my scan, but I decided to wait until I was 12 weeks gone before I told work, I needed to make sure that I was out of the woods before I made my pregnancy common knowledge. I informed work on Christmas Eve, after making a special effort to go in as I had been signed off work with the Flu!

I had worked myself up for the conversation and in hind sight, I can't for the life of me understand why!? The conversation went with no hiccups, raised voices or judgemental opinions. Work now knew that at some point in the summer of 2011....I was going to become a MUM!

I agreed with work that I would work right up until the 1st of July 2011 - I was due to have my baby on July 4th! Which gave me the weekend...If Leo came on his due date. I carried on as normal at work and worked hard so that they could see I did not need to go on Maternity leave until very late on. I did not want to sit around waiting for bubs to make an appearance. I needed to keep busy!

My baby grew and grew each week, with my expanding tummy growing to accomadate all of his needs, at my 16 Week Midwife appointment I first heard the whooshing of his heartbeat. A magical sound that I managed to capture on a recording during my pregnancy.

Second trimester - Pregnancy33 weeks pregnant bump

My 20 week scan had been booked in for the 14th February 2011 - Valentines Day. I was so excited to be finding out what the flavour of my baby was going to be! Was 'Bean' Pink? Or Blue? I did not have to wait long to find out! My other half did not want to know the sex, so we had come to the arrangement that I would find out and keep it hush hush! Of course this was never going to work and this deal didn't even last a minute! As soon as a midwife whispered 'It's a boy' into my ear, I shouted 'I knew it!'

20 week pregnancy scan

I had kept it no secret that I thought I was carrying a baby boy....So with my reaction shouted pretty loudly, the gender of our baby had been discovered! The scan was amazing, all the checks were done and our baby boy was growing just as he should. The scan picture we were given was amazing and so very clear.

At 20 Weeks I had not felt any movement, this was due to having an anterior placenta. This means the placenta is right on the front, cushioning movement that may have been occuring. I did not get proper movement until around week 25, and this quickly went from soft kicks to really hard jabs in the ribs!

The feeling of a baby moving inside you, is so difficult to describe but it is an amazing feeling....knowing that you have this little person...a little life just growing and growing inside of you.

Back in December I had booked in a 3D scan for the 2nd of April 2011, at 26 Weeks - at the time this felt like an eternity away. It quickly came around and my other half and I took a day trip over to Birmingham to see our baby boy for one last time before his birthday.

3D Scans are amazing technology and it is a very personal experience, seeing your unborn baby's face in such detail is a real must and I cannot recomend it any higher than I do. I am lucky enough to have many photos of Leo in the womb and also the whole scan on DVD, to go back and watch at any time I want. This is something that will amaze Leo in years to come....he can look back in on himself while he was in my tummy. To me this is just brilliant, and it is something I look forward to sharing with him.

3D Ultrasound - Pregnancy Scan
He had grown so much in just 6 weeks and to think how far we had come since the first scan back in December...the changes were immense! Leo looked like a little angel sleeping. He was sleeping with his hands up by his head and for the majority of the time had them strategically placed accross his face obsructing our view in! I had to do lots of shifting around in order to try and move his hands so we could get a good look!

Leo was not playing ball, so his hands are up by his head in every image! He still sleeps like that to this day....

This was my last glimpse of Leo until he was born. I had lots to keep me busy what with work and making sure I had everything ready for Leo's arrival! I never slowed down, I was constantly on the move, and I didn't want to slow down either....

At the end of May for the bank holiday weekend, a big family holiday was organised. I was 35 weeks pregnant at this point. My family are big walkers so I knew that we would be doing a substantial amount. We ended up doing the Clifton Gorge walk! It was up and down steep slippy rocks....right next to the river, you really had to be on your toes! Everyone was worrying that all the dips and dives may cause my waters to break! I kept at it....all be it I was completely 'K'O'd' by the end of it.... but I completed the walk 35 weeks pregnant! I have to admit, I was extremely proud of myself for pushing forward and not letting my current whale like appaerance slow me down.

So now we are weeks away from the arrival of my little bean...who by now is not so little any more! I am feeling heavy, tired and I just want to get finished at work so I can enjoy a bit of time off before the immanent arrival of bubs. After returning from Devon I was due to start my antenatal classes, they were a lot of fun and I met other expectant Mum's who were due around the same time as myself.

These classes ran right up until Friday 24th June 2011. I finished my last session and went back to work for the afternoon. After I finished for the day....I did not know it at the time but I had finished for maternity leave! I was then in the early stages of labour and did not even know it. Leo was then born on Monday June 27th 2011 at 39 weeks gestation - for a more detailed account, please see My Birth Story.

It was a whirlwind 9 months and as much as pregnancy is an amazing thing, I am happy to have my body back, happy that Leo is here and healthy and very much enjoying his life! 

3rd Trimester - Pregnancy Bump3rd Trimester - Pregnancy Bump

So this brings me back to a close of.....where I was this time last year. I have grown in so many ways and even become a Mummy. I hate how fast time is going by. I hate that very soon I am going to be back at my 9-5. I just want to make the most of my time with my son.

 This time last adventure was just beginning......and as Leo grows older, my adventure is just getting more exciting!


  1. What a beautiful account of your pregnancy. I loved my 3d scan too.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. 3D scans are such a personal experience and are to be treasured for always.xx


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