Tuesday 18 October 2011

Soooo....it is weaning time!!

Leo is now 16 whole weeks old!

My oh my....I am finding myself just wondering where the time has gone. The changes that have taken place in my little baby boy are so very clear, he is no longer a tiny baby but a little chunky monkey!

This last week he has become even stronger and I am sure he is not far off sitting up...all by himself!

16 week old baby - baby development

As the title of my latest post suggests, I am at the point where my little boy is after a little more than just milk. I know there is so much controversy on when you should start weaning your baby, but I firmly believe that the baby will let you know when they are ready.

Leo is downing 8oz bottles…..he has gone from sleeping in the night…..to waking up for bottles! He watches in awe at the family when we are sat eating dinner, he is so head strong and as you can see is not far off sitting.... as a final demonstration of readiness, he is taking the food so well off the spoon!

I know that there is a 4 month growth spurt and that could be partly to blame for the waking in the night....but I do believe he is ready.

I know this will raise a few eyebrows and there will be some people who may disagree with me introducing solids at this stage. Leo is thriving and we shall not be running before we can walk so to speak…..we will take it slowly and go at his pace….I have simply taken the first baby steps into introducing Leo to food.

When I say I have made the initial move to introduce solids into Leo’s day to day routine, I have only implemented baby porridge, I feel this is not as bland as baby rice and gives him some different flavours and textures too! Which he is absolutely loving!

What are everyone’s views on weaning? When did you plan to introduce solids? Did you stick to what you initially planned out?

Baby weaning - baby lead weaning


  1. Hi Mummy Cool here. I started weaning at 4 and half months but my little one really only started to enjoy food around 8 months. But I think it's a good idea to start soon!

    1. I think the love of food comes with experience. Leo is now almost 9 months old and doing really well. He will have finger foods for lunch and loves food in general.

      Starting him early in a sensible manner has seemed to really help him. I know babies who have started at 6 months and not taken to it as well. :-)) xx

  2. I wanted to wait til 6 months because of the advice but in the end got told by the health visitor to start early. Now I wish I had done it at 4 months, as the day he turned 4 months he stopped sleeping through, and by 5 monthd=s he was being fed every hour in the day and every two hours at night. He clearly didn't read the 6 month stuff! Next baby I would definitely follow the baby's lead a bit more!

    1. Hi Becky. It is amazing how the guidelines change so much with each generation of babies. In my parents day the weaning guideline was 12 weeks! I personally feel that was too early, but I think baby knows best and when you have tried everything else...Sometimes a bit of baby porride is the perfect cure. Saying that though Leo didn't sleep any better after moving to solids...It stayed the same.


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