Wednesday 19 October 2011

You know you are a Mummy when.....

You know you are a Mummy when.......

You Can do almost everything with one hand....while holding the baby in the other!

You expect to be awake at least once a night for a feed....and when they sleep through until 8, thats a lie in!

You can rock out with sick in your hair, mainly because you do not know it is there!

When you look forward to possit rather than projectile vomit, but know that either way there will be some....and it will most likely be in public!

When you have accomplished the mission to get the baby bag packed, yourself and baby ready....and then he needs ANOTHER bottle before you can actually get out of the house!

When you know you would do anything in the world for your little person, and cross mountains to prove it!

When it comes down to it, you do not mind getting up aimlessly in the night even when bubs just wants to play games!

When you take them for their jabs...where you have to be cruel to be kind. You just want to cry along with them....even if you try to hide it!

When you have to go back to work.....and provide for bubs...even if this is something you really do not want to do.....and then continue to do all of the above!

You know your a Mummy

You know your a Mummy when......You will do whatever you can possibly do in order to provide love...stability and a future for your baby. In my case this means heading back to work in April. This thought is very scary for me, I always knew this was the way it needed to be but now Leo is actually here and it is no longer just a is something I need to action in the oncoming months.

I know that there are going to be so many firsts I am going to miss, but this is what I have to sacrafice in order for me to bring in the money, and continue to buy Leo everything he needs and all the things I want him to have.

The idea of returning to a 9-5 after being out since the end of June scares me much will have changed and will I still play a role where I feel I can contribute? Will I even remember what I am doing!? How am I going to feel leaving him Monday to Friday?

For all the working Mummy's out there, please tell me how you do it!?

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