Sunday 30 October 2011

Preparing to Fly with a Baby - Babies First Holiday

Preparing to Fly with a Baby - Babies First Holiday

Back in the day before Leo was even a twinkle in my eye, my other half and I had a very active social life. We lived for going on holiday and for weekends away, we enjoyed fancy meals out and going to nightclubs.

When I found out I was pregnant I vowed that we would still do all of the above, maybe not as often or even straight away....but when we had a routine in place, I knew there would be the oppurtunity to take baby away on holiday and for nights away.

18 weeks down the line we are yet to brave a night away with Leo...let alone going abroad! So next month I am letting myself in for the shock of a life time. We are off to Tenerife with Luke's family and I know that I have so much to organise, it's a full bag just for a day out, let alone a week over seas!

I am so nervous now about going away, as I know there is so much more involved...I have no idea about how to sort taking the push chair and car seat, what will happen with the bottles and milk due to the strict security measures and who knows what else I am un-prepared for.

Luckily...We are staying in a Villa. This does put my mind at ease somewhat, as it is a home from home. It will have everything I need in order to get Leo sorted each day. Deep down though I know that I am completely un-prepared.

So I ask you....What do I need? How do I go about getting everything on board the plane while keeping my cool and also keeping Leo in check?

I am looking for any input that can ease me into my first travelling experience with a baby.

My List of essentials:

-Microwave Steriliser

-Milk Powder

-Milk cartons (for the plane)

-Baby Sling (ideal for carrying through the airport)

-Sun Lotion

-Baby's First float Clothes for everyday

-Swim Nappies Nappies (Of course)

-Car Seat

-Push Chair

-Muslins (lots of!!)


  1. Traveling with a baby is stressful! I found it helpful to bring a noise maker...something that will play soothing noises while your baby is sleeping so they don't hear what is going on around then. The place we stayed was loud and there were lots of noises our son wasn't use to. Having something that blocked out other noises was very helpful!

  2. Thanks Stephanie :-)
    I guess I just have to get it over and done with now...doesn't stop me worrying though! xx

  3. It must be difficult having to deal with the liquid ban on planes: not an issue when mine was little. Make sure you know what to expect at security. A feed before you take off is useful too.

    Otherwise try and relax and go with the flow. Keeping a routine is good for your baby but be a bit flexible: it doesn't matter too much if feeding and bedtime routines are altered. I'm sure you will all enjoy the break, baby included! Remember, Tenerife will have shops if you forget anything!

    1. Thank you for your advice. The liquid ban in the end did not really cause us much hassle. Thankfully.



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