Friday 16 May 2014

Throwing Caution To The Wind

Sometimes routine just goes right out of the window, little mans nap may last longer than expected and by the time you realise how late it is.. You know he won't be going down on time that night. Sometimes it is all about throwing that routine out of the window and making the most of that extra time that you have together. 

That's exactly what happened last night, a nap ran over the point of no return and I found myself waking Leo up at 6pm. We ordered a takeaway and curled up on the sofa to eat a cheeky Domino's Pizza together. Leo picked off the sweetcorn that he would usually eat up, and placed it on my plate, because tonight he had apparently made a pact that no sweetcorn would pass his lips. He devoured his way through the mountain of naughtiness that we had ordered and then we snuggled, full to the point of bursting. Feeling like we had just consumed a rather big Christmas dinner.

It was around this point I realised that we were down to one last nappy and that it would just get us through the night,  but knew that we would need some in ready for the next day. So with Leo shoveling the last bit of his gooey chocolate chip cookie into his mouth and exclaiming 'I help Mummy', we found ourselves in the car listening to Frozen, singing along and driving to Tesco's! Leo enthusiastically helped me pick up the nappies, chatted my ear off through the checkout and all the way back to the car, it was around this point that we noticed we no longer had our shopping. Leo and I had been so wrapped up in each other, that our shopping had been left on the self serve checkouts in our haste to get back to the car!

We didn't make our discovery quietly either. Oh no! We announced rather loudly that silly Mummy had left her shopping on the checkout, causing everyone around us to giggle. Armed only with my receipt and my rather red face we ran back inside. The staff member on duty grinned at me and knew instantly that I was the silly lady who had paid and then abandoned her shopping! He even went on to tell me that I was the only person he had ever known to do that! 

Back in the car finally with our shopping, Frozen was turned back on and Leo was singing along to Love Is An Open Door. He never ever does this so he must have been in a amazingly good mood after such a long sleep! All I could hear coming from the back was 'Doooooor!' 'Jinx, Jinx again!' and he was getting so into it. When the song finished we had to play it over and over, and it has quickly become his favourite song of the moment!

Last night we threw routine to the wind, we laughed, snuggled, giggled and sang the night away. Leo went to bed around 9pm tired but happy, sleepy but smiling and those few hours were so much fun and I can't help beaming from ear to ear, because my little man is so much fun to be around.

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