Tuesday 27 May 2014

A picture speaks a 1000 words

We all love our little ones and think that they are the most beautiful children in the world. It is our god given right as parents, we are allowed to be biased and fuel the thought that the halo on their heads will always sit proudly on top of their heads. 

I think in those first few weeks of Leo's life, he most probably thought that the camera was a part of my face. I snapped every single moment, and as he has continued to grow I have continued to snap away. Now I have thousands of photos that have captured such beautiful memories, from Leo's first smile, to the first time he visited the beach. I love being able to flick back through my images, it shows me just how much Leo has grown, how he has changed. It shows me the exciting adventures that my little family has ventured on, and I love how they will always be there, a means to travel back in time to the very moments that each image was captured. I can remember how I felt at that one moment in time, I can remember exactly why I took each image. 

We have even had some professional photos taken, the first shoot was when Leo was only a few weeks old. What I would really love to do is book in a Venture photo shoot, there is something about the images that they take that really capture the very essence of the people in the photo. They tell a story that just shouts right out of the image itself. Right now Venture are running a competition to find this year's Little Face of Venture 2014. The winner will win a one year professional modelling contract with the popular MOT Models agency, who will promote and market the winner for an array of modelling assignments. Along with this super prize the winner will also recieve a year's supply of shoes courtesy of Start-rite and also a super prize from LEGO!

There will be regional winners from each studio who will each receive their winning image in a hand made Venture frame worth a whopping £350, along with a pair of Start-rite shoes and a set of LEGO.

The competition has now closed to entries but you can check out the website to see all of the beautiful entires, and even vote for your favourite!  For every family that has taken part Venture have very kindly donated £1 to Wellchild. 

Voting closes on the 6th June 2014 so you still have time to get over to the website and vote for your favourite!

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