Thursday 15 May 2014

Leo's a #CrayolaBlogger!

I say Leo but I really mean WE are #CrayolaBloggers and it is a role that we are both very excited about. We love getting the pens, pencils and paints out and we LOVE Crayola, so this new shiny badge of ours is one that we are extremely proud of. 

Crayola sent us over a very generous box of goodies to get us started and initiate us into the Crayola Blog Partnership. In fact they spoiled us rotten, opening up that box of goodies felt just like Christmas, and I cannot wait to share our experiences with those products over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Crayola is a household name and it is a brand that I have grown up with, the range is extensive and I wouldn't be surprised if I began to introduce you to products that you didn't even know they did! Over the years Crayola has branched out in many directions, and just going through this box full of our Crayola treats has opened my eyes to just how many different lines they now have.

I have been having a closer look at the Crayola website and have found that they have a wealth of different things for us to do with the kids, the first thing that came to my mind was rainy day fun! There are pages upon pages of colouring sheets that you can print off and colour in, craft inspiration, the kid's playzone with a wide range of different activities and the digital section that introduces apps that are currently available for tablets and smartphones. There is so much on there that can help keep little ones busy, so I will be remembering this when I need to keep Leo distracted as the rain falls down outside...

Crayola are currently running a brand new competition called #MyCrayolaMovie and it is open to kids right up to the age of 16. They can enter at by creating  their very own 1 minute movie with Crayola! This movie will bring their doodles to life, as the doodles will be turned into animated movies!

The winner will win a Red carpet premier at their local Odeon Cinema! How amazing is that!?

So.. You Want To Take Part!
Head over and check out the My Crayola Movie film kit for some ideas and top tips – plus a storyboard template to help you plan your movie.
Next you’ll need to set up your studio.
See below for some help on this.

Finally you’re going to need some animation software.
You can download a free trial of the Animate It! software

Rumor has it that this software is really easy to use, and I think I will be downloading it and having a play!

Disclaimer: I am a #CrayolaBlogger and I have been sent Crayola goodies to test, all views and opinions expressed in this post are completely honest and my own.

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