Tuesday 27 May 2014

35 Months Old

We entered the month of May with a 34 month old and leave it with a 35 month old. A 2 year old who is now a mere month away from turning 3! It is hard to believe that this time next month will be your birthday. You will be 3 years old, and it’s amazing to see how the time has made you the little boy you are today.

It has been a whirlwind of a month little man, and one that has seen two very big changes. At the end of last month we discovered that we have to move house, and the last 4 weeks have seen me frantically trying to find us a new home. You came along with your expert insights to view houses with me, and were of course a tremendous help.

The second big change is a sad one, on the 21st May we said goodbye to your Great Grampy. Grampy had been poorly and flew away to the skies to keep an extra special eye on you. You didn't understand what this meant, but we wanted to explain as best we could. You were such a good little boy when Mummy had to comfort Daddy, and you knew that something had happened. On any normal occasion you would not approve of Mummy and Daddy cuddling, but you seemed to realise that this time was different. 

May saw us taking you for your eye and hearing test, and of course passing both of them. It saw us re-introducing potty training on Sunday 25th May rather unexpectedly  and we decided to run with it. You decided that you were happy to wear pants after months and months of telling me that you wouldn't, and although you were having daily accidents you were doing so well.

You were loving the sticker chart that we had brought in as an incentive for you. It was this chart that was giving you the motivation to use the potty, in fact there were occasions where you were trying to use the potty just so you could claim your next sticker!

You had now been at nursery for 4 months, and any reservations you had about going originally had now been wiped out. You were loving your time at school, you were so excited about going and didn’t even want to come home at the end of the sessions! Granny had to chase you around when you decided you weren't going to be coming home!

We had even been given the forms for your nursery funding. I sat and pondered when I should put you in and for how long. I decided that Monday’s and Tuesday’s would be morning sessions and that you would do all day on Wednesday. I opted to give you Thursday off so that we had a day to go out and do things together. Friday I put you in for an afternoon session. I think you are going to love having more nursery time, and it will definitely do you the world of good on your year before starting school.

Earlier this month we had your first school photos, it was on a Thursday. A day you don’t have nursery, so we popped in and had your photos taken. I really didn’t think you were going to co-operate, but you surprised me and let the lady blow bubbles and make you smile. I had to move you into each position as you didn’t want to be overly helpful but I am confident the pictures will be absolutely perfect.

At 35 months you are absolutely loving story books, and we love nothing more than cuddling up in your bed and reading the books of your choice. You like to hear the same books each night, and you always ask for  the ‘bear book’. When we read your In The Night Garden Book you make all of the right noises in all of the right places. You know it from cover to cover.

As always I have noticed you using more and more language, I have finally got you saying ‘train’, but you still slip in the word ‘choo’ when talking about your favourite method of transport. I have always known that you knew the word really, and could say it if you really wanted to, but as always you have taken your good sweet time. You like to keep me on my toes.

A memorable moment was when you were having a water fight with Chris and Alice. You were loving splashing them with the water. You were running around and giggling relentlessly. You kept on repeating ‘I shoot Alice! I shoot Chris!’ and when they decided that they had enough, your smile was replaced with a sad face. Your head looked to the floor and you cried ‘I shoot Alice… I shoot Chris’ all the while just wanting a cuddle.

Over the weekend Daddy and I took you to watch Postman Pat at the cinema. You were so excited and had watched the trailer on my phone time and time again. This wasn’t your first trip to the cinema though, we had taken you not long after you turned 2 to watch Disney’s Planes, and more recently The Lego Movie.

This was the first time we had gone to one of the bigger cinemas out of town, and it’s a completely different experience. We walked in and got our tickets, you instantly spied the popcorn and we decided to treat you (and ourselves).

I am absolutely loving the age you are at now, you are so well behaved. I have seen older children really playing up in the cinema and then I look at you, and you are being fabulous!

This next month will be even busier than May. June see’s us packing up the house into boxes, heading away to the seaside for a few days and planning your birthday!

It’s hard to comprehend that 3 years have almost come to pass, but here we are going into your 36 month. Absolutely madness.

But here we go…

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