Tuesday 23 September 2014

Leo and his bucketful of Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are one of those delights that simply fascinate children, Leo is forever racing around roaring and telling us he is primitive beast. Nursery have even told us how he will stand at the top of the play gym and roar his little heart out, while the other children run away petrified of me Leo-saurus.

Dinosaurs are just a whole other world of imaginative play, as once upon a time they walked this earth dominating the planet we now inhabit. I think that is part of the sparkle that draws children towards these rather spectacular creatures, that once ruled the earth. Talking to Leo about the world and it’s past is always an interesting topic of conversation and you can tell he thinks that I am making it all up, and in his mind Dinosaurs are nothing more than a make believe monster on the television, or a heap of bones in the Natural History Museum…

We were recently sent a selection of Schleich Dinosaurs, and Leo was incredibly excited to open up the box to discover Seven new models just for his enjoyment. In Leo’s box full of Dinosaurs we discovered the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quetzalcoatlus and Spinosaurus along with the brand new 2014 models, Therizinosaurus, Pentaceratops, T-Rex Light Green and the Velociraptor in Green.

Within moments of the un-boxing ceremony, Leo had taken a handful of Dinosaurs over to the table to play. There was instant growling and roaring as the fun began to take hold and Leo’s imagination went wild. I on the other hand was really impressed with the level of detail that had gone into each of the different models, from the teeth, colouring and care that had gone into all of them, they were really something else. The details was so precise that on a few of them they had even been packaged in cardboard due to sharp horns or tails. I was instantly surprised at the weight of the models, they are all pretty heavy and you know you are holding a quality object. There is no cheap plastic in sight with the Schleich model collection, only superb detail.

The Dinosaurs have been coloured as true to life as possible and they all look realistic and even a little scary in cases! Some have moveable jaws, others have rotating arms which of course gives a whole new level of play value to these models. They are aimed at pre-schoolers from the age of 3+ and really do allow your little one to delve into a land long forgotten. Whether or not of course they believe you are telling the truth about this land from long ago… Well that is another situation entirely!

You can purchase the Schleich Dinosaurs through Amazon and prices start from as little as £3.50 depending upon which models you are looking at. They are all sold individually but with Christmas coming up they would make super stocking fillers for the kids.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of the Schleich Dinosaur range for the purpose of this review. All views and opinons expressed are completely honest and my own.

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