Friday 12 September 2014

"Folr" is launched to help watch over your loved ones.

I have spoken before about the digital age that we live in and how it can both help and hinder us all at the same time. Never before have we had so much knowledge in the palm of our hands, never before have we been so tuned in socially with each and everyone around us.

While the world continues to grow, and the technology before us exceeds new expectations on a daily basis, we are now able to tailor the technologies to aid our daily lives. Now seems like the perfect time to introduce you to Folr, a location-tracking application that provides real time information on the whereabouts of family members and those closest to you. The app can be installed on any smartphone or tablet and unobtrusively updates you on the locations of those most important to you.

I couldn't help but think what a great idea this was for school age children who would maybe be responsible for catching a bus home after school, I know that with Leo in the years to come this is something that would give me peace of mind, but also allowing him that little bit of extra freedom when the time swings around. Folr is targeted at users just like me who want that little bit of reassurance when letting their children grow up, but this app has so many other uses. For me the use of this app would be as a family locator.

Folr is a completely unique location-sharing app that can provide a current location at any moment in time, or you can even see the history played back for you. My instant thoughts were that this app could be used for bad as well as good, but you needn't worry, you send out an invitation to your nearest and dearest so that they can either accept your invitation or leave it. Users of the app get complete autonomy over when you are being tracked.

Folr isn't just a parenting tool though, you can use it to keep a check on a elderly family member or maybe even the husband who is away on a business trip. There are so many scenarios that could play out and be resolved sooner by using Folr. I know that when I was talking to my Mum about it she seemed quite interested, especially for use with my 17 year old brother who is getting to an age now where he loves to be out and about. I know that she wishes it had been around when I was younger!

In the above screen shot, you can see that I have complete control over who I accept, which means I no one I don't know can gain access to any of this sensitive information. It is primarily for friends and family on a need to know basis.

What do Folr have to say?

'At Folr, we believe in the good that this app can do, as we aren't just a
company, we are concerned users too.'

The Folr App can be downloaded for free from both the Ap Store and the Play Store.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest opinions on the new Folr App.

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