Wednesday 1 April 2015

45 Months Old

Well little man, your officially another month older. Another month closer to your next birthday, and another month wiser. We have had a busy time of it, the weekends have been full of exciting trips, most recently to Warwick Castle where you managed to climb into the towers, climbing all 530 steps! Suffice to say I was pretty proud of you that day Mr! You even got to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time, you did so well and thoroughly enjoyed yourself! We have even been along to the SEA LIFE Centre and had a wander around looking at all of the marine life. Your favourite part was the Penguins again, you could just spend ages lay down on the floor watching them strut about. The weeks have been full of playschool where you are coming along all the time, and on the days that I’m not at work we have special time for just you and I. 
You have been a little bit grotty this month, I am sure you won’t mind me saying. At times you have really tested my patience through your whinging and attitude, but then in the next instance my blue eyed boy is back and wanting a cuddle. When you get into one of your strops, boy do you go for it. You slam doors, you even tell me that you hate me on occasion, you strop and sit on your own, and sometimes I have to carry you back for a snuggle and put the whole episode behind us. I am hoping this is just a phase, because the last few weeks you really have been pushing it more and more.
With that being said though, when you’re not throwing your toys out of the pram for one reason or another, you are such a delight. You are well mannered, polite, caring and just a joy to have around. Your funny. Your so, so funny. You make me laugh like no one else and I love you for it. The things that you come out with these days really do make me chuckle. You have been prolonging bedtime by sneaking in additional cuddles, I can never leave because I am so happy snuggled up next to you. When it does become time to leave you have started to ask ‘Mummy, I see your tummy muscles please!?’, I couldn’t stop laughing that first time you said it, I was sure Daddy must have put you up to it. And when I showed you, you said ‘WOW!’. Of course I then giggled harder. 
You have a new love for Super Mario, Cars and Thomas aren’t as popular as they once were (Thank you!!) and Mario seems to be a new firm favourite. Your so skilled on your DS, more so than I ever expected at this age. Weaving and diving as you race around the Mario Kart track, it has to be said that you could teach me a thing or two! You have been watching Mario clips on YouTube over your trains in recent weeks, and picked up on a gimmick that one of the characters was saying… ‘I like you so I sit on you, I sit on you, I sit on you!’ Of course you then repeated it word for word and sat on my stomach all the while bouncing up and down.
It’s your complete innocence, the innocence that I worry you may lose when you start school. I mentioned the other day that I was going to ‘pop for a sunbed’ which of course you took very literally! ‘You go to sleep Mummy!? With a pillow!?’ I explained that a sunbed was something very different, but you were adamant that Mummy was off for a nap! You still refer to passing wind as ‘a pop’, I may actually cry the day you refer to it as anything else, but I know that with school approaching there are going to be so many outside influences reeling you in. 
We had such an interesting conversation the other day about when I was pregnant with you. I told you how you used to live in my tummy and you would kick my ribs with a vengeance. I told you how you would come to work with me in my tummy, and you would eat and drink everything that Mummy had, how you were connected to me by a cord. You were amazed, and I am pretty sure you think I am making the entire story up. I mean  let’s face it! It does sound very far-fetched right!? You laughed so much as I told you everything, you laughed the hardest about kicking me in the ribs of course! Then you declared ‘I going back in your tummy now Mummy!’ and proceeded to climb into my chest! I think we will wait to have the rest of that conversation little man!
You are currently on your Easter holiday and you can’t understand that I have to go to work still. Each morning this week you have not wanted me to go, you have wanted me to stay and spend the day with you. Believe me that’s exactly what I would love to do, and I keep explaining that come Wednesday evening, you will have me for the rest of the week and all weekend! It’s not a bad deal, and we will be able to head out and have lots of fun. Before I go to work I always give you a hug and a kiss, it’s what we have always done. But these last few weeks have seen you adding in more and more hugs and kisses, so before I am out of the door you have demanded dozens of each! It has meant that I am later into work, but thankfully no one seems to have noticed, and to keep you happy it’s more than worth it.
You have another week of Easter break ahead of you, and next week Mummy only has a 1 day week! On the Wednesday we are off for a very exciting day out at Drayton Manor in celebration of Thomas Land’s extended park opening up! This is something that we are all really looking forward to. 
Until next month little man…

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