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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was here in the very blink of an eye, the weeks had gone by so very quickly and your excitement had simply grown beyond anything I have ever seen before. This year you couldn't stop talking about Santa Clause, you knew that on Christmas Eve he would be flying through the skies on his way to bring all of the good boys and girls gifts to open on Christmas morning. 

All you had asked for was a racing car like Mummy's. A blue Mini Cooper that you would be able to drive yourself. When Father Christmas asked what you wanted, you replied with exactly this, and he promised you that he would do his very best. This in turn made you beam for ear to ear, and you came away even more excited for the big day.

We cuddled up on the sofa on that magical night before Christmas to watch the Snowman while you opened up your Christmas Eve box and found an abundance of treats waiting for you. The magic of the night sparkled in your eyes and echoed across your face. A true innocence witnessing such wonder in the ordinary world wrapped around us, it was enough to make even the Grinch get into the Christmas spirit.

I put you to bed early on Christmas Eve explaining that the sooner you drifted off to sleep, the sooner Santa would arrive. The sooner you would wake up and see the treats that Santa had delivered in the night. Of course being four years old, being as excited as you were.. Sleep didn't come easily. At 10pm you were still wide awake fighting off sleep in the hope of catching a glimpse of the man in red himself.

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

You slept in later than I had expected on Christmas morning, but once you were awake I couldn't keep you upstairs. You found your stocking and shrieked with excitement as you bounded around the room in your rather gorgeous new Joules Pyjamas, and with that you were leading me downstairs to the lounge where the Christmas Tree was standing tall and proud over all of the gifts that now lay beneath.

With eyes shining like glass and a smile as wide as the moon, you asked if you could open a present. We found one out for you and the gift opening commenced, it became apparent that this year you wouldn't need weeks or even months to open them as you have in recent years, we would quite easily open them within a few hours at the rate you were going.

Once the gifts under the tree had been exhausted I turned to you. 'Leo, did you get your racing car?' your head lowered and the happy expression that had once illuminated your face went dark. There was no racing car in sight, and you looked incredibly disappointed, we seized the opportunity to go and cook up some breakfast in an attempt to put that smile back where it belonged.

Mini Beechcomber Electric Car

I recall sitting at the kitchen table, and I had already spotted a shiny red racing car in the corner of the room.. I tried to call you over so that you could discover it for yourself, but your stubborn head had come out to play. You even started to whine, until suddenly the penny dropped and out of the corner of your eye... You saw the car that was sat waiting for you!

Of course you had to go outside to play right away. There was absolutely no messing around to be done here, not when there was such a beautiful new racing car to be broken in. You spent most of the morning whizzing around and getting used to the controls. and in fairness you handled it very well. Your face when you slipped it in the fastest mode might have been the highlight of my day, as your face spoke a 1000 words in that split second you leaped forward.

Ladder bed

The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys and sorting them all into your room. I had just installed a brand new bed into your room, a ladder bed. It had been something you had wanted for a long time, and the timing seemed perfect. It meant that your crowded room was completely de-cluttered, all of your toys had a home and you had so much floor space to now enjoy.

Christmas Dinner

With everything upstairs it was time to sit down for Christmas dinner, you had been really looking forward to it, but at the very last minute decided that you would rather have a ham sandwich (a Christmas Sandwich as you called it...). So while the rest of the family tucked into a tasty Turkey with all the trimmings, you enjoyed your sandwich. You did enjoy pulling crackers with Granddad though and the table was full of laughter throughout the meal.

After lunch you took me out for a drive in your racing car, you placed a protective arm around me and chauffeured me like the superstar that you are.

It was a beautiful Christmas and watching you enjoy the magic of the season was the most amazing feeling yet.

Here's to another amazing year, whatever this year may bring.

Mini Beechcomber Electric Car

Mini Beechcomber Electric Car

Mini Beechcomber Electric Car

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