Thursday 3 March 2016

Netflix: What We Loved in February

Netflix: What We Loved in February...

February has been a busy month on the Netflix front, and this is because I had missed the memo that Pretty Little Liars was back on our screens. The show breaks in season 6 after we finally discover who A is. I hadn't had to wait as long as some to find out, as I discovered the series on Netflix last year and binge watched it season after season until I was all caught up. 

Now Pretty Little Liars is back on our screens, it has picked up 5 years after the revelation and exposure of A (I won't expose who A is just in case you are currently watching the show!). The girls have moved on with their lives, but when they are called back to Rosewood to a hearing that will ultimately decide if A can be released into the world, they are asked to provide statements about how they would feel if this was to happen. With A being pretty close to home (just a small hint can't hurt!) their responses risk upsetting a friend.

With the girls all back in Rosewood, of course it isn't going to be plain sailing, and thank God it isn't because if it really was time for a 'Happy Ever After' then that would be the end of the show, and I for one don't want this to end anytime soon.

The low down without giving too much away is that A is released, but only for a short time before she is found dead. A has been murdered, and guess who quickly become suspects in the murder inquiry? You guessed it! The girls are forced to stay put in Rosewood until the case is resolved, and then it really comes to light how much life for them have changed over the last 5 years. They have jobs, fiances and lives that have gone on without each other. 

If you haven't sat and watched Pretty Little Liars before, I highly recommend this series. You will be on the very edge of your seat and wondering what will happen next. You won't want to turn it off.

90210 is a show I fell in love and watched a while ago, but I decided to re-watch the pilot episode again one evening, and somehow I have got sucked right back into the larger than life lives of Annie, Dixon, Naomi, Adriana and Silver. In fact I got so into it again, that I have just started watching season 2.

For those of you who have not watched or heard of this American series, it follows teenagers Annie and Dixon as they move from Kansas with their family to the wealthy zip code of Beverly Hills. They start school at West Beverly High and quickly meet people who help shape their lives over the next 5 seasons.

I first watched this thinking that I wouldn't enjoy it, as I do with most series in honesty. Of course after that first episode I was hook, line and sinker. Now that I am re-watching it, I am re-discovering story lines that I had completely forgotten. It's just like watching it for the very first time.

If there is one thing that YOU do watch in the wake of this post, it has to be Making a Murderer. I had heard so much about this series that is in fact a documentary following Steven Avery. Steven Avery was imprisoned for a crime he in fact did not commit. He was kept in prison for nearly 2 decades, and was finally exonerated. Avery filed suit against Manitowoc County and several individuals who had been involved with his arrest, and fabricating evidence to put him behind bars.

Shortly after his release, Avery was arrested again in connection with the murder of 25 year old photographer Teresa Halbach who unfortunately for Avery, was last seen on his property. The documentary follows Avery and his family on one of the most speculated cases ever un-veiled. It has certainly got people talking, and I can tell you know that when you watch it, you will be there shouting at the television.

I was sat watching this in the lounge back in January after I was held up following a sports injury, feeling pretty sorry for myself, and I was getting so drawn into it, when I saw that my own Mum had sat down, and she was even more into it than I was!


What's Leo watching?

Netflix Profiles

Our morning routine is that Leo will wake up, toddle into my room and climb into bed. He picks up his Nintendo Wii U remote and will put Netflix on. He can do it all himself and doesn't need me to physically do anything. I'll wake up with my alarm to find him sat watching Horrid Henry, that is his all time favourite show right now.

Leo has his own kids Netflix profile on my account, and this means that all he needs to do is spot his name and associated image on the app so that he can find all of the kids content. This works perfectly for us and gives Leo a level of independence. I'm not worried that he will click the wrong account, he knows that he has his own, and we have never had a problem with him clicking on one of the other profiles and gaining access to content that isn't suitable. He knows exactly what to do, and enjoys having his own profile.

Children's Netflix

It does seem to mostly be Horrid Henry on his screen at the moment, but he loves The Adventure of Super Mario Bros, much to my horror. I have to say I am not a fan of this series, the music alone drives me to distraction, but Leo adores it. He uses Netflix for films too when he's in the mood and a huge contender for favourite has to be Planes,

In the next post I will talk about upcoming shows and series that I can't wait to watch! That will be live in the next week or so, so check back to hear about shows I am yet to watch, and the latest shows to Netflix!

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