Monday 12 September 2016

Hello September

New Build House

The summer has been an incredibly busy time for Leo and I, the reception year passed in the mere blink of an eye and before we knew it we were hurtling towards the 6 weeks holiday. You may have noticed a few tumble weeds around the blog over the last few months, and that is because we have literally been on fast forward since the school bell rang on the last day of the Summer term.

If I thought that the Summer break was going to be a relaxing time, then I hope I can be forgiven for at least hoping for a few quiet weeks... Or even days for that matter. You see over the Summer holiday we got a puppy, moved house, Leo learned to ride his bike without stabilizers and we even attended a wedding!

Family Wedding

In that order...

When I write it down in short bursts like that, it doesn't sound like we did all that much, but the move alone has completely knocked me for six. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely in love with our new home, I feel so incredibly lucky, and I finally feel like I can give Leo the space and time that he needs in order to flourish to his full potential. What I didn't anticipate was just how much time and money I was going to have to throw at the move, of course I had put some savings behind us because a move is always costly, but I had no idea just how expensive carpeting an entire house would be!

Home improvement

We had to work around the carpet fitter, and slowly but surely started to bring our worldly belongings over to our new home. It was so surreal packing our entire lives into boxes and black plastic bags, but thankfully as I had begun getting everything we needed together months before the move actually happened, I could pretty much get the kitchen up and running as soon as we had the keys! It was the other rooms I had to wait a little longer on. 

We are now in the house and it's all starting to feel a lot more like home, I still have lot's of work to do to my room as I am currently without a wardrobe, but it's not the end of the world. Leo's room is starting to take shape and the rest of the house is pretty much there, all I need to do now is add those essential finishing touches.

I am beginning to put together a home decor series that will be hitting the blog in the coming weeks ahead, I am just waiting on sorting a few last minute bits and pieces. My bedroom is still in utter chaos and will be until I can find the pennies to put a wardrobe in there!

It has to be said though, moving house with a puppy has been...interesting. Having Lux is like living with a naughty toddler who will not listen to anything that you say and is constantly hunting out mischief that quite honestly just seems to come oh so naturally to him, we wouldn't change him for the world though. He has spent his time un-packing boxes, taking the television remotes out into the garden, chewing all of our shoes and being a general pain in the bum, but it's been lovely seeing him settle in so well with us, and Leo is absolutely besotted with his pup! (I will be sharing a full month pupdate in the next week or so!)

Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian Puppy

The summer brought with it a new milestone and Leo lost his very first tooth. It was a funny turn of events because I just did not see it coming. One morning while I was brushing little man's teeth, his entire tooth just moved with the brush, to say it caught me off guard would be the understatement of the year, and of course my shock in turn scared Leo, who proceeded to smack me over the head in a panic. I soothed him right away, we had already talked about how it would start happening soon, and that it was of course nothing to worry about. 

Leo did not touch that tooth and it hung on by a thread for weeks, until the morning of August 2nd while Leo was eating his cornflakes it came away and was swallowed into the depths of his tummy, gone forever. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed as I had been planning on keeping his first tooth, just like I had his very first curl. We decided to write a letter to the toothfairy and let her know the fate of Leo's first tooth, and thankfully she took pity on us and left Leo a £1 coin along with a letter under his pillow.

Wobbly Teeth

Loosing one tooth over the holiday didn't seem to suffice for Leo however, and a couple of day's before the return to school, we discovered he had a second wobbly tooth! This time Leo didn't leave it alone, he wobbled it day and night. He wobbled it through my brother's wedding, even allowing his little cousin to give it a wobble too... Of course he waited until the night before he went back to school to pull it out. He had been in bed and asleep for hours, but at just gone 11pm Leo burst into the living room to announce that his tooth had fallen out and we needed to get it under his pillow as soon as possible!

The poor old toothfairy was caught so far off her guard that she had no spare change whats so ever. Instead... She placed a £5.00 note under his pillow. Here's hoping Leo doesn't expect this for each and every tooth!

Riding bike without stabilizers

If loosing teeth wasn't a sure enough sign that my little boy is growing ever bigger, then him suddenly hopping on a neighbors bike (without stabilizers) certainly told me! I was so worried and told him over and over to be careful. Of course he quickly brushed my concern off and pretty much told me to relax. In fact his exact words were these 'Mummy I bet I can ride without stabilizers! Watch!' and so I did... and he was right. Without any practice or guidance from myself or his Daddy, Leo took off on a bike without any assistance at all.

I couldn't help chuckling to myself as all the global delay comments trickled to the forefront of my mind during this proud moment, because when that boy sets his mind to something, you best believe he is going to smash it!

It is for this very reason I have made a pact with Leo in regards to his learning, and that pact is this. If Leo co-operates with me and tries his hardest, I will buy him the biggest Nerf Gun I can find when he learns to read. Now this is an especially big deal because I have always told him that he will never own a Nerf Gun, but it's something that he has desperately wanted for such a long time, and the greatest incentive I could ever offer him. Leo has been back at school for one whole week now, and he has read to me each and every afternoon without any objections and he has been really giving it his all.

So here we are at the start of Autumn, and here I am back behind the laptop catching up on all of my emails and the posts that I can't wait to write, and it's time to start smashing all of Leo's goals and give the teachers something to talk about!

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