Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Top 5 Historic Sites to Visit in Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town

Greece has always been a magical part of the world for me, it's beautiful climate and stunning beaches really do make it a prominent destination when I think of places that I would like to visit. Then of course there is the magical Medieval Old Town with all of it's colorful and visual shops.

Staying in Rhodes Town provides a superb location in terms of accessibility to the many Greek Tavernas and tantalizing restaurants that are stones throw away from many of the hotels and villas.

Rhodes has so much history to offer, and I love to immerse myself in the culture of a county when I visit. It allows you to experience and revel in an entirely different way of life, and as I a parent, I like to showcase this to Leo, and this is precisely why I believe that the judge who over ruled term time holidays in recent weeks, was wrong. Children learn so, so much when they travel and are allowed to absorb lessons that quite simply cannot be taught in school.

 We were looking at Rodos as one of our potential holiday destinations for 2017, before we decided on Crete. While we were doing our research we started looking at the attractions we would like to visit if we committed to the destination, and although we won't be able to do it this year, we do intend to visit in the next couple of years, and these were are Top 10 Historic Sites to Visit in Rhodes Town:

1. - Palace of Grand Master of Knights

Palace of Grand Master of Knights

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, also known as the Kastello, is a medieval castle in the city of Rhodes. It is one of the few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece. The site was previously a citadel of the Knights Hospitaller that functioned as a palace, headquarters and fortress.

2. - Ancient Olympic Stadium 

Ancient Olympic Stadium

The stadium at the archaeological site of Olympia, is located to the east of the sanctuary of Zeus. It was the location of many of the sporting events at the Ancient Olympic Games. It was a holy place for the ancient Greeks as back in the day, this is where the sporting events that were dedicated to Zeus were once held.

3. - Fort of Saint Nicholas 

Fort of Saint Nicholas

The fortifications of the town of Rhodes are shaped like a crescent around the medieval town and consist mainly in a modern fortification composed of a huge wall made of an embankment encased in stone, equipped with scarp, bastions, moat, counterscarp and glacis. The portion of fortifications facing the harbour is instead composed of a crenellated wall. On the moles towers and defensive forts can be found.

4. - The Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus

The Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus

The temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus is located on the Northern edge of the Acropolis. It is orientated E-W and was a Doric peripteral Temple made of poros.

There are Four oversized column drums and still parts of a capital and architrave that can still be seen on the site, they are an indication of its original monumental character.

This was where the Rhodians kept the texts of their treaties with other states.

5. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes 

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

A number of the most significant archaeological findings of the islands of Dodecanese are found in the Archaeological museum of Rhodes, which was constructed to be used as the Main Hospital of the city during the Knights’ era (15th century). The second hospital used by the Knights, now houses the library of the Archaeological Institute.

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