Thursday 10 August 2017

The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

I use Olive Oil a lot in my day to day cooking, and I love that there are so many different varieties that can help you bring out unique flavourings in the dishes that you are preparing. My usual rule of thumb is to eat clean, I enjoy the food and my body in turn reaps the benefits. It's amazing how tasty vegetables can be when they are prepared with lots of different herbs, spices and Olive Oil. 

I prepare my own fresh Pesto, and I love being able to play around with the flavouring and since the Olive Oil is a vital ingredient in the ingredients list, it can have a huge impact on the over all taste satisfaction at the end.

As I use Olive Oil in many of the meals I prepare, it is a staple item in my kitchen. Before I buy olive oil online I always check sites such as Promo Vouchers to see if there are any voucher codes available.

As there are so many different varieties of Olive Oil in 2016, Jamie Oliver has put together a really helpful infographic that takes all of the guess work out of purchasing your Olive Oil for the home. 

The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

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