Wednesday 27 June 2018

Leo Turns 7

7th Birthday Balloon

7 years have gone by oh so very fast. 

Each year it feels like the world speeds up a notch and the years roll by even faster. Never did I imagine that the little baby I brought into the world all of 5 minutes ago (because that is quite honestly how it feels...) would grow up on me and turn 7 years old.

That little baby who used to wake me up multiple times a night for a bottle and a cuddle, now climbs right into bed next to me and curls up into a little ball. Every once in a while I will catch a glimpse as his beautiful face lights up into a sleepy smile. 

That little baby who couldn't speak a single word has amassed the wealth of a dictionary and now talks my ears off on a daily basis. 

Broadway Tower - Cotswolds

It's pretty crazy to think about how far we have both come over the last 7 years, we are on this journey together. I make mistakes. Many mistakes but I think he knows that even when I do get things wrong, I am always trying my best for him, and for us. 

Like that time a few short weeks ago when I called him 'baby boy' in front of all his friends in the classroom, a term that is perfectly acceptable at home... But by no means in front of his friends. Boy did I get a stern look for that, but he didn't let it phase him and he rode out the short haul of taunts that flew his way, even if he did look a little red in the face. 

I promised to try and not do it again, but a week later I did it again... Sorry Leo.

7th Birthday Balloon

We are at the age where everything has to be on his terms. The 50 kisses I used to get in the playground have dwindled, and these days I have to grab a stealthy kiss as you run off without glancing back at me. 

It's pretty incredible what changes over the course of a single year isn't it?

This year you really have become so much more confident in doing things for yourself, and I have struggled to stand back and let you shine on your own. You don't always need me to run in and fight all of your battles for you, you like to do these things for yourself. Just remember little man, your mother battleship is always there if you need to call her into battle. 

All you have to do is shout.

Broadway Tower - Cotswolds

You didn't ask for much at all for your birthday, in fact the only thing you asked for was a Gameboy. You are so into your Nintendo items right now, and you have amassed quite a collection, and that is purely why you wanted the old console, to add it to your ever expanding Nintendo treasure trove. 

As we are sticklers for tradition we booked a table at Frankie and Benny's as we do each and every year. We celebrated your special day just as you wished, and judging by how much you thanked your Daddy and I over and over, it is safe to say you had a fantastic day.

You thanked me again and again, and when I told you that you didn't need to thank me as you had already done so, you simply said 'Thank you for everything Mummy', and those magical words simply melted me.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, we are all so proud of the little man that you have become, and I know that this year ahead is only going to make us even prouder.

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