Thursday 6 September 2018

The start of year 3

School Year 3

Leo is now in year 3, where did that time go? 

It almost feels like we get comfortable with the class and teacher and then BAM, another year has rolled around and the change is on the horizon again. 

I know that we are supposed to roll with the punches and welcome change, and I know that the children are meant to be the ones who dread the return of school... But I can't help the feeling in the pit of my stomach that materialises at the 'back to school' thought.

Let me explain why. 

Leo has always found school hard. He has overcome more than his fair share of hurdles, and do you know what? He does me proud each and every single day. But those hurdles continue to throw themselves into Leo's path, with each year at school and the demands and expectations of him becoming more, I worry about what the coming year will bring. 

At 7 Leo can see a difference between himself and some of the other children, he knows that he finds the day to day tasks that much more difficult, and that in itself is hard to bare witness too. 

The summer has highlighted a couple of avenues that I feel I need to explore for Leo, but right now I feel that to voice what those concerns are, may just lead to me prematurely putting a label on that dear boy of mine, so until those mountains can be climbed... I am just going to leave it there, and hope that I can share more in the coming months. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to having an official diagnosis, but until it is that, official. I don't want to use any terminology that could be incorrect, because I don't think throwing these words around should be taken lightly.

For me Year 3 just seems slightly more daunting, because that means when this year is up he will be going into year 4, and then after that the very final year at this particular school, and this thought scares me so much. It scares me more than it would scare the average parent, it's not just a concern of a new school, new teachers and children, it's a deep set worry that he is going to find this even more difficult.

I guess now he is getting older too I am also concerned about overstepping my place, so some things may always have to be kept back somewhat.

Despite my concerns, September 4th rolled around, the summer holidays had once again vanished in the very blink of an eye, and I found myself walking up to the school gates just as I did on that very first day 3 years ago, only this time Leo is not holding my hand and probably never will on the school run again. On this day he confidently walked in through the gates and ran off to find his friends.

The first few days seem to have gone well and we are getting back into a routine, but I am already counting down the weeks until the half term break rolls around so that we can enjoy the Autumn weather and hopefully get out and about. 

Until next time....

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