Thursday 10 August 2023

Burford House AirBnb (On the Outskirts of the Cotswolds!)

Cotswold AirBnb

2020 was a busy year for my then family of 2, even though the whole world came to a complete stand still. 

Covid, Lockdown, a relationship breakdown, the brief hello and inevitable goodbye to little Louis, the purchase of my very own home, and later a new relationship. Some incredibly heartbreaking moments and also some poignant highs all rolled into one rollercoaster of a year.

With the help of my family, ultimately my Father. I purchased my very own forever home. A safety blanket that wrapped Leo and I up after a very turbulent time, a place that would always be ours regardless of the twists and turns that life may welcome.

I remember walking out of the flat door with Leo one Summer's day, as covid raged and lockdown loomed. We walked around the houses in the streets away from the flat, Leo Pokemon hunted and I pondered whether the house we would buy was in this area...Were we walking near it? Passed it?

The house we actually went on to purchase was one that we did walk past on that summer's day stroll. It was a serendipity find that actually came about very early in lockdown while I was still pregnant with Louis. 

Cotswold AirBnb

Cotswold AirBnb

Scouring RightMove in those early days were one of the things that kept me going. Planning our future and finding a property that spoke to my heart was at the very forefront of it all. I knew that the original dream of a home with a drive and big garden was going to have to be compromised on, now there weren't Two people buying their family forever home together... It was just me on my part time income.

I had to re-adjust and let go, when I did this I found the ideal home just a street away from the flat. I remember it becoming the bench mark in my house search. Sadly it was removed from RightMove before I even had chance to request a viewing. The weeks rolled on but nothing else spoke to me the way that the first house had done. 

Summer gave away to Autumn and by October I was back living in my parent's home with a goal of saving all I could muster and continuing my house search. Then... Sernedipity played its hand and the very house that had been removed from RightMove came back!

I recall sitting down with my Dad in early December and telling him that the house had returned to market, and with his approval, we booked a viewing. Armed with my Dad and my new partner... We viewed my benchmark house.

I knew from the moment I walked through the door, maybe even before... That if I was ever going to buy a house, this was the house. After that viewing, we put in an offer against 2 other interested parties. It was a pretty nerve wracking process and my heart stayed firmly in my mouth for the entire time.

A day later, my offer was accepted and the wheels were put in motion for the purchase. It was the most incredible feeling!

The completion date took some time, but by May 2021 I had the keys to my very first home in my hand. I decorated every room myself and between my family and I we lovingly restored the Victorian Terrace back to life. 

Cotswold AirBnb

Now here we are in 2023, my relationship has gone from strength to strength which has put me in unchartered territory. We both own our own homes, and there is not a fibre of my being that could ever consider selling mine. Which has meant that between us we are running two properties (hello cost of living crisis!).

This has meant I have had some tricky decisions to make, and for me private renting my home was completely out of the question... Then AirBnb entered my mind, an idea that meant that I could keep my home, I could keep the furniture I had lovingly chosen for it in situe, and I could welcome guests into my MY home.

This idea still worried me to the very core, but one afternoon I sat down and uploaded my property on to the AirBnb system not really expecting to get a bite. There was still a lot to be done before my home was even ready to lay out the welcome mat and invite in the first guests.

A few days later, the first booking request rolled in. Someone actually wanted to come and stay at my family home in Evesham! This push was all that was needed for me to throw caution to the wind and turn the house around over one weekend in time for a Monday arrival. 

My forever home had become an AirBnB over night.

Cotswold AirBnb

By some grace of God, and lots and lots of help from the other half and of course my hero Dad... We were ready.

I am pleased to report that are have now hosted some wonderful guests who have really respected and loved my home. In return we have had some fabulous reviews on the AirBnb platform, and we are always looking at ways in which we can better ourselves for future guests. 

This is such an exciting prospect for us (I won't lie I am still terrified of sharing my home!), it means in the time that I am away I can offer the full house out for AirBnb rental, and welcome people to our Riverside town of Evesham to enjoy the local area. 

My 3 bedroomed house can comfortably sleep 5 people, it's walking distance into town where we have a great array of restaurant's on offer and some beautiful walks that can be picked up within Abbey Park by the River Avon. The Regal cinema is at the very end of our road, meaning you can pop out to enjoy a film and a cheeky beverage or two without needing access to the car.

Cotswold AirBnb

Cotswold AirBnb

Cotswold AirBnb

We are a stone's throw from the Cotswolds, Broadway and Chipping Campden just to name a few! These coveted destinations are about a 10 to 15 minute drive from the house. 

We are 25-30 minutes away from Worcester and Cheltenham (we are a great base for the Cheltenham Racecourse and the Race Week that comes around in March!).

Stratford Upon Avon is also about a 25 minute drive, meaning you can enjoy a day out in Shakespeare's birth place during your stay with us.

Cotswold AirBnb

We have installed a key box to enable remote check in at the property, this means that all of our guests can check in without the need of us being there. We send all guests a message with the key code on the morning of their arrival so that they can arrive at their leisure after checkin (14:00pm) and also check out on the day of their departure (10:00am).

This new venture is something we are very excited about, we hope that we can continue to offer my home out to families and guests while perfecting our hospitality.

If you come across this post and wish to stay in the area, definitely drop us a message on AirBnB and we will do our upmost to provide availability for you!

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