Thursday 20 January 2011

Life & Trials - Debut

This is my debut into blogging! It was never something I thought I would consider, but until recently I never really had anything to write about that people may relate too? Under it all I guess I could use a few outside views and opinions, reassurance everything will be okay.
My name is Laura, I am 21 and I work in administration – I have an amazing other half and 16 weeks ago…… I found out I was pregnant.
This was never the plan, not in these years of my life anyway. I wanted more financial stability & above all I wanted to plan every detail. I wanted both creators to want this new life straight away and to know that despite anything and everything that could happen, that this little being growing inside me would be loved.
I know that we can provide this little baby all the love in the world, and when we do see him or her for the first time our lives will never be the same, and this is a scary thought although very elating.
My full intention is to go back to work after maternity…maybe even before. Financially things look tight and we may have to make a few more sacrifices…….the car for one…..and the gym….. You see I am not going to be staying at home with my child, as much as I would love to….but I have to earn the pennies too! I cannot be kept and expect my man be the traditional hunter and gatherer.
This is the 21st century and us women need to go out to work and bring in the money for our families, surely two wages are better than one?
The main reason for my feelings on the short maternity is we really cannot afford for me to have my pay cut. Things will be tight without that happening anyway! However I am hoping that I am going to be able to get around the lack of being unable to afford the maternity leave, by topping up the statutory money I am entitled to by working from home during certain days of the months ahead.
How will I get around the guilt of leaving my small baby? How will I afford the childcare? How am I going to get over missing out on all those firsts that will happen without me?
They are just some of the questions running through my mind, along with all the others regarding financial matters. I wonder why all these women are at home while their men work, how can they afford it? How can my partner and I earn a reasonable sum of money between us, and not come up close with what they have?
We are in the process of obtaining a mortgage; we will be moving out of the family homes we have grown up in and creating our own little family.
So I ask you, how do you juggle a baby you will want to see every minute of every day with the 9-5 job you need to be able to support your child and your family!? It is a catch 22 situation, but I am on a journey, that is going to be hard and fraught with many challenges, so keep reading my trials and tribulations of a working Mum and see where we end up!


  1. ooo now I'm not a working mum and so I can;t give you any nuggets of information - however if you ever find a lego mans arm stuck up a childs nose give me a shout as I am a pro at removing those!

  2. Oh my gosh! I dread to think that I have all this to come....My Other Half managed to get 5p stuck up his nose when he was a child! How did you manage to get it out? If this ever does happen (Which I hope it doesn't) You will be the first person I contact! :-)) xx


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