Wednesday 7 January 2015

42 Months Old

Your 42nd month saw Christmas arriving and you turning 3 and a half. We had quite an eventful month on the whole, from the magic that sparkled throughout the month of December to us coming face to face with your health visitor for the first time since your 2 and a half year checkup last January. That was an enlightening experience that didn’t go at all how I expected it to… Of course even with the Health Visitor assessment there are still people who are expressing concern over your speech. I have to give the nursery leader a call a little later to discuss our health visitors assessment, but they really cannot be seeing what I see. I am going to have to discuss the reasons as to why you perform differently in the nursery setting, and for me it comes down to you being a little shy…

Your speech has exploded this month which has really been the icing on the cake, you have been coming out with all sorts in the last 4 weeks. From telling me ‘You disgusting’ to showing your appreciation for food ‘this is delicious’ you have been putting more of your widening vocabulary to use. You even went as far to say ‘Mummy your weird!’. One aspect that has certainly developed is your ability to throw a strop, boy have you perfected that art now! On a recent trip to the Birmingham Frankfurt Market you decided to inform us ‘I go now, I walk away’ and off you plodded! A better example would be Christmas Day when something didn’t go quite your way and you decided to say ‘I don’t like you Mummy! I slam the door!’ and with that… you did!

You’re having full on conversations now and it is so amazing to hear, you tell tales on your cousin and tell me about what you did or didn’t do at school. When I told you that you were going back to school after the Christmas break this pleased you greatly, but you quickly threw in ‘No forest school Mummy, I hate it!’.

It seems surreal to think that 2015 is the year that you, my little baby boy start school! It really has come around so quickly, and it won’t be long before we hear whether or not you got into our chosen school and starting to purchase the uniform in preparation for September, you know something big is in the pipeline and we have been discussing ‘big school’, but for now you have asked to stay at ‘little school’ as you call it.

We went on a number of adventures throughout December to help us celebrate Christmas, Ice Skating, you performed in your very first Nativity Play, and took a trip to the Snow Dome to play in the real snow! We even a day trip over to Clearwell Caves to visit Santa Clause. Clearwell was beautiful and you came face to face with the man in red himself! You didn’t give Santa time to contemplate whether or not he was going to sit you on his lap, oh no! You ran right over and jumped straight up, and there you sat cuddled up with him as he chatted away to you about Christmas. You told him that you wanted a Nintendo DS and he looked at me and said that you would most certainly have one underneath the tree on Christmas Day! Thankfully he fulfilled his promise to you, and there under the tree was your very own 2DS!

This year has been the very first year you have truly got the magic of Christmas, and looking at Christmas through your eyes this year has been a beautiful experience to behold. Christmas Eve saw you resisting sleep through all of the excitement and you hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa as he darted across the sky! We did actually spy him you know after our trip on the Polar Express, as he flew across the night sky, but he was up so high he looked just like a star shining brightly overhead.

We will have to keep an extra special eye out next year!

Naptimes… Well I guess they had to go eventually right? We had a good run, well over 3 years and I am thankful you kept it up so long. But they seem to have kicked the proverbial bucket… It’s been coming for the last couple of months, but as I sit here writing this post I cannot for the life of me re-call the last time you actually did have a sleep in the afternoon… It really is the end of an era. I guess I can no longer use your afternoon nap to have a lazy hour to catch up with Netflix and a box set!

I get the feeling we are going to have a rather busy month ahead of us, I am going to have to call nursery and potentially arrange a meeting to discuss why exactly their reports don’t align with our health visitors, I may potentially call our health visitor too… You just have to keep doing exactly what you are doing, because little man you are a super star. An actual shining super star! I know sometimes I may come across as hard on you, but that is only because I want the very best for you. I feel incredibly proud at being able to take you out and about and get complimented on how well you behave. If we go out for dinner you sit beautifully at the table and wait so patiently.

I really am proud of everything you do and everything you achieve. Keep shining bright little man and we will show everyone else that they can eat your star dust!

Until next month Little man…


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