Tuesday 24 February 2015

Base Boy's Fashion

In the past I have spoken about the lack of imagination when it comes to little boy’s fashion. I have complained about the sheer lack of range and variety while those parent’s dressing little girls have a huge range to shop from. This post though is not about any of that, it’s actually about what is available, and what’s available especially for those special boys of ours, right from babyhood through to their late teens.

Last week Leo and I were invited along to Base Fashion at Westfield in London for the Spring clothing un-veiling. Having never been to a Base outlet before I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. I had a mooch online prior to visiting and saw that they stocked well-known brands such as Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, and even Gucci. I was interested to see what the selection was like and the price tag that matched the high end brands, and whether or not it would be an affordable outlet for me to kit Leo.

We arrived at Base mid-morning and were made to feel very welcome, Leo was given a choice of cake and squash which ultimately made him feel right at home, and I nursed a very welcomed cup of tea. We had even brought Leo’s Granny and my younger sister along for their very first blog event! When everyone arrived, it was time to have a look at the new line up for this coming season, and the big names popped up right away with Ralph Lauren, a beautifully bright vibrant shirt that I could just picture on Leo. This was followed by the Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and Levi T-Shirt that we actually went on to buy. I was impressed with the range that Base offer, from new-born baby grows through to kitting out the teenagers, there was something for each age range and a great variety of choice on offer. I think this is what I loved the most, aside from the fact that there was actual designed clobber that Leo could strut about in.

Of course this is where price becomes a factor, and let’s face it when clothing our children budget is what it comes down to. I am not afraid to admit that I am an avid high street shopper, Leo wears a mixture of different clothing for different occasions, and his wardrobe is kitted out from Next, Peacocks, Tesco and so on. I have never spent more than £20 on a pair of jeans for him, and I do like to hit up the Next sale on Boxing Day to kit out his wardrobe for the next year, so how did Base compare with pricing?

With Base retailing the big names of fashion for younger boys, I have to admit that there were some items that did make me gasp, and then others that I thought were more than fair. Take the Levi T-Shirt that we brought home with us, £15.00. I thought this was reasonable, maybe £5.00 more expensive than I would usually spend? It’s a gorgeous piece and the colour really suits Leo. The Tommy Hilfiger jeans retail at £55.00 and this is admittedly much more than I would spend on Leo’s jeans. I don’t even think I have ever spent this on my own jeans, but then the jeans are well made and generous in sizing so I guess you do get what you pay for. We actually picked the jeans out for a 4-5 year old, Leo is quite a tall 3 year old so I felt that this would give him the most wear out of them. The fit in length isn’t too off at all, and the width is a little big but it’s nothing a belt hasn’t fixed. He does look ever so smart in his new attire, even if he did decide to head out with Grandad the moment he got dressed…Only to return covered in mud moments later!

 Our shopping experience at Base was lovely, the staff were attentive and willing to assist. There were changing room facilities for you to try the clothes on the children before purchasing, and this was an aspect I really liked. I don’t think that I have ever come across this in a child’s clothing store before. Now I wouldn’t be able to justify kitting Leo’s entire wardrobe out here because my clothing budget wouldn’t allow it, but I could see myself picking out a few items for a special occasion, items that Leo would get a lot of wear out of.

The Base spring collection looks great, and if I had the pennies I could quite happily purchase many more of the items I came across. Those Tommy Hilfiger Jeans of Leo’s will be the prized item in his wardrobe for some time to come!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a £50.00 shopping voucher for Base in return for this honest account of our visit. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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