Wednesday 4 February 2015

43 Months Old

The end of January saw your 43rd month swing around, it had been a busy month spent with family and friends, and you were full of smiles and laughter as always. I had been watching you and listening to you intently, and loved hearing you come out with new words and sentences from your now bursting vocabulary. You would tell me ‘it’s a disgusting one’ when I lent in to give you a big kiss, and would promptly wipe the kiss of your face in a matter of seconds knowing full well that I was going to plant another on you the moment that you did!

We had been spending lots of time together as a family, days out and about to do fun and exciting things were on the cards for most weekends of late. We took a trip to Birmingham and spent an afternoon strolling around the SEALIFE Centre, and for the very first time you stopped to enjoy the sights of the aquatic life swimming around, instead of hurtling around like a looney toon. It was really special getting to show you all of the different marine life that is housed at the SEALIFE Centre, you were over the moon when we discovered ‘Nemo’ and ‘Dory’ swimming around! The overall show was stolen by the penguins who you could have sat and watched for hours. You got down on the floor and watched them swimming under water, and then as the penguins each hopped out, one by one onto dry land, you jumped up and ran to get a closer look as they waddled along. One even came up close and personal to you and you couldn’t wipe that cheeky smile of yours away.

We even took a visit to Build A Bear, where you had such a super time. You picked Olaf out of the wide selection of bears that were on offer and opted to have a Strawberry scent input in his foot (exclaiming ‘He smells like sweets!’)  and Elsa’s ‘Let it go’ tune in the other. You helped the lady stuff Olaf by holding your foot down on the machine, and in a matter of minutes you had your very own Olaf bear.

We even took a trip to Devon to see family friends, you had been talking about going to the seaside for weeks and were so excited to be seeing Bella and Dora for the first time in months. You spent the 3 hour car ride listening to The Muppet’s Most Wanted Sound Track, playing your DS and having a sing song. You were in fact as good as gold, and we only had to make one service station stop along the way for you to stretch your legs, and pick up a bag of Mini Eggs! The journey was a first for Mummy, who took on her very first long distance drive! Yes! Even on the motorway!

We spent the weekend in Devon and took a few trips to the cold January Seaside, armed with our wellies and Winter coats! You seemed to agree that visiting the beach in Winter is actually one of the best times to go, what with having the entire beach seemingly to ourselves, the ability to jump in the surf in our wellies and just ultimately be big kids were some of the best highlights for us. It didn't matter that it was bitterly cold for long, and rain was falling on occasion, we had a great time, and you didn't want to come home!

Your 43rd month signified that it was only 5 months until your Birthday swung around again and you turned 4 years old. FOUR actual whole years old, somehow the idea still seems crazy because you can’t be that old, but times ticking by and soon you will be starting your first term at school. That little baby of mine is growing into a big strapping young boy,  at 43 months (3 and a half) it was hard to in vision you as the little baby that you once were. You were so independent and headstrong, such a grown up these days it was hard to remember that this wasn't always the case. Somewhere along the way you grew up, you learnt to walk and began to lose all of that baby chub I loved so much, you learnt to talk and do things for yourself but you still kept that cuddly side to you (for me anyway) and I relish that every day.

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