Friday 3 July 2015

Shoes are a Girl's Best Friend: French Connection at Cloggs

French Connection Lattice Wedges

In the last year I feel like I have found a part of me that had been lost, forgotten...gone. My fitness journey has really opened my eyes and in achieving goals that I always thought were out of my reach, I have found a new love for fashion, for treating myself and making more of an effort in my appearance. 

I feel better in clothes, I feel happy in what I wear. I no longer feel frumpy and fat. I was so excited about jetting off to sunnier skies at the beginning of June, I had replaced my entire wardrobe and I was ready to wear everything that I had longed to wear for such a long time. I was going to look, and I was going to feel good.

Tunisia captured my heart, and our time there went by far to quickly. From lazy pool days to full on adventures, we certainly packed a lot into our 7 days. All of my new outfits got out of the suitcase and enjoyed one or two cocktails...

I relished wearing hot pants, and felt confident in my crop tops. I wore play suits and being able to wear anything and everything I had ever thought about wearing made my hard work feel worth it, really worth it.

Of course as any girl will tell you, a big part of any outfit is her shoes. I only took two pairs of shoes with me on holiday, one pair of flip flops and a pair of beautiful wedge shoes.

My French Connection Latrice Wedges from Cloggs.

French Connection Lattice Wedges

French Connection Lattice Wedges

I fell in love with this pair of wedges as soon as I saw them, they go with so many different outfits that I was more than happy to take them with me on holiday as a primary pair of shoes. In fact I practically lived in these shoes while I was away, and even now I am back again they are a staple item of my every day wardrobe.

They have made appearances on the beach, for trips into town and even to the office. The shoes can be dressed up or down and really add that 'wow' factor to complete an outfit. For an evening out you can pair them with a play suit as above, or you can dress down, but still look the part in a pair of denim shorts.
 French Connection Lattice Wedges

Wedges have always been my go to shoes for over all comfort satisfaction. If you could see me attempting to walk in heels you would undoubtedly giggle. Wedges on the other hand are so comfortable, I can keep my balance and get the heel height that I crave. Everyone likes to dress up every now and again, but heels aren't for everyone, especially on a day to day basis. I couldn't imagine having to wear heels day and day out.

These wedges are a statement in my shoe collection. I have worn them all day, I even traveled in them when we flew out to Tunisia in June. They didn't let my feet down once, and I secretly relished how long they made my legs look! You have to enjoy these optical illusions right? I mean at 5ft 5 I am not tall...

French Connection Lattice Wedges

French Connection Lattice Wedges

The French Connection Lattice Wedges retail at £90.00 and I am sure you will agree that they are just gorgeous! They have them in a selection of other styles and I am already eyeing up  the Lata style. You can never have to many pairs of shoes right?

Disclaimer: I was sent the French Connection Lattice Wedges for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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