Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Red Lion Birthday Lunch - Stratford Upon Avon

I often blog about my fitness, what I eat, how I train and even what I don't eat. I am so in love with what I do that it doesn't actually even feel like a hardship, it's just who I am and what I do. Of course that's not to say that I don't let my hair down, I can eat cake with the best of them and thoroughly enjoy myself. I am human after all, it's just not something I choose to do everyday.

I was recently invited along to the Red Lion which is part of the Table Table pub chain, right in the heart of Stratford Upon Avon. I had rallied up two of my closest friends and booked a table in for Sunday 9th August over my birthday weekend, we had been out for celebratory drinks, and finishing up with a slap up lunch and giggling over the events of the night before seemed like a fabulous idea. We arrived and were greeted by Rachel, she welcomed us and made us feel very much at home, and she looked after us throughout the entirety of the meal and nothing was to much trouble.

The 3 of us sat down and studied the menu, there was so much to choose from and our tummy's were grumbling in the anticipation of a hearty pub lunch. Of course put 3 ladies together, the chatting starts, the giggles erupt and soon you are neck deep in conversation that you have completely forgotten to process what you want for lunch...It took us a little while but we got there eventually. 

Our starters arrived with us promptly and all at the same time which was super. I had decided early on that I was going to have absolutely everything I fancied on this occasion, so that meant the rare treat of Coca Cola and even venturing in ordering fries for the first time since December! I started with the Calamari and wasn't disappointed, everything arrived piping hot and was served with a smile. 

The conversation and giggles from our table flowed through into our mains and well into dessert. The mains were delicious and we all opted for something a little different. I had the Steak Dianne that was tasty and satisfying, and I may have swooned over the skinny fries, taking the time to dip them into the tomato sauce one after the other. 

Pudding was equally as delicious, I had the cheesecake which a must try for the cheesecake lovers such as myself! The portions were all very generous and by the time I polished off that last mouthful, I was at a new level of contented.Suffice to say I classed this feast as my dinner as well that day.

When the bill came I was impressed with how reasonable it was. For 3 of us to have a 3 course meal, and enjoy a number of drinks, it came to £74.10 which is under £25.00 a person. I felt that the service we received was friendly and welcoming, and in the heart of a tourist destination such as Stratford Upon Avon, the value for money was great.

Myself and the girls had a lovely afternoon putting the world to rights and we would definitely visit again should we be in the area.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a £60.00 voucher in exchange for our honest feedback on our meal and experience at the Red Lion. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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