Monday 31 August 2015

Those Who Sparkle

Life Unexpected

It's funny how un-predictable life can be, one minute everything is ticking along exactly like it should be. Your life is on the right path and you feel like everything is heading in the right direction...Then lightning strikes and life as you know it is turned on it's head. 

You are kicked to the floor, and you think about how easy it would be to just lie there as everyone takes a little piece of you, bit by bit, piece by piece. It would be so easy to just stay curled up in that ball you have formed on the floor and let the tears roll, but no matter what happens you will never give anybody the satisfaction. You will never just lie there in that ball, never.

Whether it's your car suddenly testing your patience and presenting you with a hefty bill to fund, opening your eyes to the idea of personal loans, or even the loss of a job, you pick yourself back up. You hold your head high and you smile. You smile through everything. You don't just smile though, you laugh. You laugh a lot, even when people look at you and wonder how you are managing to save face through this trying time, you realise that you aren't just saving face. You are genuinely smiling, you are happy. 

You realise that when one door closes another is just waiting to open, and you are positive. You see light at the end of the dark tunnel, and you realise that no matter how bleak things may look at times, you will get through it with your head held high. You will come out the other side stronger, more prepared and enlightened. 

Life Unexpected

You have always been the kind of girl to push for something when someone tells you that it's outside your reach. When people doubt you that is when you shine. When he said you were getting fatter by the day...You changed your life right around. Those words didn't hurt you, they made you stronger. You came out fighting. When you got made redundant, you didn't cry. Not once. You realised that the whole world was at your feet and with a little bit of confidence and sparkle there was nothing that you couldn't handle.

When people think they can chip away at you, when people try to part their negativity in your general direction, you feel sorry for them. You are at a point in your life where you know what matters and what doesn't and regardless to absolutely anything that has happened in the past, you just want everyone to be happy. You don't want to fight, and despite any bitterness that may fly in your general direction, you have taken a stance. No matter what is said, no matter how it is said, or who it is directed at, you are going to be the bigger person. 

Self Confidence Quotes

You won't retaliate, you will continue to smile and you will be pleasant, overly so. You won't be a push over, but you will lay down the law with a friendly tone and a beaming smile on your face, because that's just who you are. 

So when you feel like the world is dealing you a bad hand, just remember that you are above it. It is really just a shake up of life as you know it, it's the sign of a change and no matter what it is, you will stand tall, you will smile and you will find a new path through it all.

Self Confidence Quotes

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