Friday 26 February 2016

Leo's New Bed

Mika Midsleeper

Back in December I took the plunge and upgraded Leo's bed from a toddler racing car to a full size 
single mid sleeper. Leo had wanted a 'ladder bed' ever since our trip to Falmouth back in June 2014, and as he is always growing, when I came across a rather fantastic deal, I couldn't not take the opportunity. 

I found the deal on Tesco and through doubling up my clubcard points from the year, the bed that should have cost me £114.00 plus a delivery fee, cost me under £15.00. In TOTAL. It didn't come with a mattress though so I had a shop around and found one on Mattress Next Day that would be absolutely perfect for Leo. I needed something to arrive on the same day as the bed so that I could have it all set up and ready for Leo to go to bed with that night.

It was right before Christmas so I wanted to keep this as a surprise for him, but I knew Christmas eve was going to be insanely busy and with so much else to do, it was not the time to build a bed. Instead the bed arrived the day before Christmas Eve, so with Leo set up with a film in the lounge.. I carted the box upstairs and began to build, or at least attempt to build his shiny new bed.

Mika Midsleeper

Those who know me will know that I am not a D.I.Y lady, I once built a play kitchen over the course of 3+ hours only to realise my victory was shortly lived. One of the very first initial steps I had taken at the begining of my labour was putting the doors that needed hinges on back to front, which now meant I could not attach the hinges for the cupboard doors... *head meets wall moment*. With this memory at the forefront of my mind, I wondered what was going to go wrong on this occasion... But we live and we learn. 

I read the instructions which straight off told me that it was going to take around 3 hours to put this bed together... So right then and there I knew that it was going to take me much, much longer to see the finished product... Which also meant keeping Leo entertained and out of sight for the duration. The construction wasn't without it's mishaps, I put things on back to front, upside down and in the wrong place, but somehow I worked it out. Even Granny came and helped for a little bit, but the most amazing feeling ever, was almost completing the bed all on my own. 

Night had fallen and Leo had known something was going on all day, he had been beyond eager to get upstairs and see what I had been up to all this time. He had no idea that I had been so busy building him a bed, no idea that I had carted the bed and the new mattress up the stairs all on my own. I finally found a use for all that effort in the gym! 

Mika Midsleeper

The bed was done, it was ready for Leo to see for himself. So without giving the name of the game away, I beckoned for him to come upstairs... His reaction was lovely and worth all of the effort that had gone into getting this surprise ready for him as you can see below.

Leo could not wait to go to bed that night, and it definitely added to the magic and excitement of Christmas for him, he most certainly was not expecting his room to get such a big over haul. The entire bed has served is amazingly so far, having all of his toys stored underneath is fantastic and gives him so much more floor space to play. 

Can you believe that he was even more excited about the new mattress than the bed though!?

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