Wednesday 12 October 2016

Leo's Autumn Wardrobe

Dalmatian puppy and child

It is suddenly getting noticeably colder, as I type this I am sat in my coat after getting back from the school run, and I am trying my hardest to not think about how cold I am right now. The sun may be shining, but it does not detract from the general chill that is clearly felt in the air now.

I have dusted off my Winter boots as it is now officially that time of year once again, and while I am thinking about the Autumn clothes for myself, I am also pondering Leo's wardrobe. That little man of mine is constantly growing, and I can already see his jeans getting that little bit too short around the ankles. This of course means that I am going to have to start thinking about a whole new set of clothes for him to don during the colder says ahead.

I am biased, but Leo has the most beautiful face and he suits some really vibrant fun colours, so when I am choosing his new clothes, I always look for bright colour ways that in-keep with his cheeky disposition. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how I want to shake up his Autumn/Winter wardrobe with some attractive and out there additions, and after having a look at the Esprit Mini Boys Collection, I knew exactly where to go for it!

Esprit Kids

You will immedietly notice a colour theme (excluding one) forming within my shirts and jumpers selection, and that's the re-occuring use of the Blue. This is by far my most favourite colour on my little man. It's fresh, light, crisp and brings out the baby blue of his eyes. 

Shop the look - From Left to Right:

Long Sleeve Blue Check Shirt

I absolutely love a nice thick knitted jumper, they are always so thick and cosy. I rest easier knowing that my little man is always warm, and they make fantastic layers especially if you include a cotton t-shirt underneath, just to keep that extra layer warmth pocket protecting from the chill. Leo's Nanny is a pro at knitting and likes to spend a lot of her spare time crafting up new clothing additions for him. She uses the knitting patterns from Deramores and they always turn out beautifully.

Esprit Kids

I like Leo to look good, and I don't mind spending the pennies on buying quality clothing. I find that when I spend a little bit more, it will last longer, and as I always buy the size up so that he get's the most wear out of it, by the time we are finished with it, we have definitely had our value for money. Not to mention that I still have so many of Leo's clothes from his smaller sizes, they are all stored away in the attic because even after the amount of wear he has had out of them, it's been too good to give away or hand down to Leo's younger cousin. 

The main aim for the next 6 months is to keep warm, so that means we need to pack the shorts and t-shirts away and replace them with jeans and warm winter coats. 

Shop the look: Left to Right

I have to admit that I do really enjoy sorting Leo's wardrobe out, and I know that in the next few years there is going to come a day where he isn't going to allow me to do that any longer. So I have to enjoy it while it lasts.

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