Friday 28 October 2016

Settling Your New Puppy In

Dalmatian, Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is a big event. Getting it right is important because it has a big impact on how well your dog will settle in, and get on with the family.

Get everything ready
The first step is to go out and buy everything you need for your new puppy. If you get yours from somewhere like Douglas Hall Kennels Scotland they will give you a comprehensive list of what you need. It is wise to get it all, and set everything up. The last thing you need to be doing is rushing out to get a bed for him or her, on the day they arrive.

You want everything to be as calm as possible for the first few days. The last thing a puppy needs is stressed out owners. They are going to be a little frightened and tense as it is, so it is best if you are not on edge as well. You need to radiate calm to help them to feel safe, and settle in as fast as possible.

Dalmatian, Puppy

Picking your dog up
When you pick your puppy up take someone with you. That way they can get in the back and keep the dog happy and safe. In some countries, the law requires you to put up a net between yourself and your dog, so he or she stays in the back and does not get in the way of the driver. If this is a requirement where you live, it is wise to set up the net before you go to pick up your pup.
You will also need a blanket for your puppy to sit on. Remember they do not have proper control over their bladder and bowels, so you will need to protect your back seat.
If you can, pick your new dog up in the morning. That way they will have the whole day to get used to you and their new surroundings.

When you arrive
Try to make the arrival of your puppy as calm as possible. The natural reaction is for everyone to rush out and greet the new pet. This is understandable, but if this happens, your pup is likely to feel overwhelmed.

A better approach is to take him or her straight through to the garden. This is a fun environment for them, and gives them a chance to relieve themselves.

Reward him or her with a treat as soon as they have gone to the toilet. Doing this sets the tone, and gives you a jump on the housetraining process. Once they have had a few minutes in the garden let everyone come up and introduce themselves to the dog, one by one.

Let your puppy explore, but in a supervised way. Make sure someone is watching them all the time to keep them out of trouble.

Dalmatian, Puppy

The first night
Put your puppy into its own bed, and go to yours. If they cry, it is kinder to move their bed to your room.

However, make sure he or she stays in their own bed. If they whine calm them with your voice, but do not touch them. Later, when your puppy is more confident you can move their bed out of your room, if you want to.

If you have other pets, you will find this article helpful, as well. There you will learn the safe way to introduce a new puppy to your resident dogs and cats.

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