Tuesday 10 January 2017

Our Shabby Chic Living Room and Office Space

Would you believe that over 5 months since I got the keys to our new home, I am still in the process of unpacking boxes and getting a sense of order around here? I think I really under-estimated just how taxing getting an entire house together was going to be. 

As tiring as it has all been, I have to admit that seeing it all come together as I had dreamed it would has been more than satisfying. The living room has been the next room I chose to tackle on my list of rooms, it has been a mixture of getting essentials for Leo's room (which did take the priority) and ticking small things off the living room essentials list. Now Leo's room is pretty much together bar a few small finishing touches, I can really assert my focus on the room we all spend a lot of our evening time, and for me a large portion of my day as I work from home, and this is where I have finally set up my office space!

Design your own canvas at Zippi 

Cinematic Light Box from Totally Funky.

The fairy jar was a craft I put together myself back over the summer holiday's.
The majority of the furniture in the front room is Cream/White because I wanted to give the room a crisp feel, and as we have gone for darker carpets in this room (the french doors back out onto the garden and the puppy is always in and out again and I was determined to avoid mud stains all over the lounge!).

I wanted the lounge to have a simple, but warming vintage feel to it, I am loving the shabby chic furniture and I found some gorgeous pieces on our local Facebook selling page. There was an older console table that had been painted cream, and lovingly restored to keep it's original charm and character. The inside of the draws have been embellished with beautiful butterfly paper which just gave it that little bit extra. I couldn't not purchase it when I saw it, and it now sits proudly in the corner of my living room.

I was originally going to place it out in my hallway, but when it came down to it there wasn't really room and it seemed like a much better fit to have it in the lounge where it could really be admired. I expect at Christmas this will be the spot where the tree has to reside, so I may have to find a new spot for this gem over the festive period. The console table is home to my Black 2 Acrylic Jewelled Table Lamp, family photos and off course some decorative flowers. I love the cosy ambience that each addition adds to the room, and my next mission is to add some fairy lights.

Another of my Facebook purchases was this gorgeous corner unit. I have always loved these, I think they fill an otherwise dead space and make it look open and inviting, a great place to put photo frames and little trinkets. This unit was someones project, and they did a wonderful job with it. As I found the lady who was putting it together early on, she allowed me to choose the paper that has been used on the back of the unit. We went for a light theme with highlights of White and Beige with a French theme. One of the nice aspects with this piece is that it has a darker wood aspect on the shelving which perfectly matches my antique desk that you can see above!

I finished the over all look off with some vintage photo frames that I picked up from Matalan. In fact everything that I have put together on the unit was a complete bargain. The lady statue I picked up from Dunelm a few months back for the bargain price of £3 (down from about £12-£15!) and finally the Kath Kidston bunting I picked up on eBay from an independent seller, which for me really just finished the look off. It really does go to show that you don't need to spend a fortune in order to achieve the look you really want, and it definitely pays to shop around.

The sofa was another eBay job for me, it's a second hand DFS that would have no doubt cost the first owners an arm and a leg, but I picked it up for a bargain £99 all in (including the large cushions!). I loved this suite as soon as I laid eyes on it, and it is such a comfortable settee. It definitely helps the room come together, and has allowed me to sort of split the room in two. The living room stops just over half way, and has meant I can sneak my desk into one corner and for the first time in my life, have my own office space. 

I absolutely love this room, it's a great size and really is coming together beautifully. One of the biggest things I have had to wait to do with this room is get a large mirror to go above the television, but with so much still to do around the house, that may just have to wait.

One of my favourite features in this room has to be the Shabby Chic Chandelier from valuelights, it sits proudly right in the centre of the room looking majestic. It's the first thing you look at as soon as you walk into the room. I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it as it in kept with exactly how I wanted the room to look, and even added a little bit of glamour with the dangling crystals, which was a fantastic touch as I had kept everything else so minimal and simple, that the bling didn't detract from anything else I had added. 

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